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  1. hell yea. i work at a ski hill and my trail boss climbs 27 degree slopes no problem. id try steeper but thats the steepest i could find.
  2. what rims/tires are those? i've been shopping around
  3. heres some pics of my VHF install. the antenna is hard mounted to the front left fender. theres a company that makes a mount fro the new body style chevys. i used adhesive velcro to attach the radio to the console wall and ran the power and antenna under the seat and along the door sill under the plastic trims.
  4. here's a rack i made for my rooftop tent. the steel cost me 57 bucks and it took about 4 hours to make including drinking beer and bullshitting. angle iron keeps it in place and i drilled 2 holes on each side and bolted it to the box. works pretty good. wishing i would have got the 6'6 box so the tent could be flush with the cab, but this way i can jam the quad in there if i air down the tires enough.
  5. i put mine in the center console with a hole drilled in the side for the cabling. ill see if i can get you some pics tonight
  6. i put the motofab 1" spacer on my trail boss last thursday. waiting for 1.5" blocks to arrive to eliminate the remaining rake. went with the 1" to minimize the gap between the cv and the shock mount. leaves about an inch of clearance when the trucks on the ground. took it up into the mountains friday on washboard service roads with frost heaves all over the place and no issues at all.
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