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  1. Just check for leaks or other issues. Look how Ford has come out with those 2020 Explorers and lots of people are having transmission leaks. Something about the valve bodies messed up or something. That's why I never like buying the first year of any vehicle. Early adopters always get penalized. I like buying things that are tried and true.
  2. How does it compare to Ford's 10-speed? I talked to one Ford guy and he said that his sometimes has to sit there trying to hunt round trying to find the best gear. He said sometimes it's annoying. The last time I ever owned anything with an 8-speed was in an Audi A4 and that thing ran sweet, but I've never had any trucks with an 8-speed yet. All the GM vehicle's I've ever owned either had 4-speed auto's or 6-speed manual's.
  3. The ECM needs to know that is installed. You need to reprogram it so the computer can take advantage of the extra air coming in. That's another additional expense, and usually not a cheap one. And then it's like if you're going to do that, you might as well install a cat-back exhaust to go with it to complete the process. Do they have bigger throttle bodies for that vehicle, too? That wouldn't hurt. I haven't done those mods in eons. But I remember having to use a programmer. Once it was all done, WOW! What a difference. GM was suffocating that engine from the factory.
  4. I know. I can't stand the dealer. I used Royal Purple and Mobil 1 for years. It got to be too expensive doing oil changes after a while. I use my truck for work and somebody my boss has me driving nearly 1,000 miles per week. I don't have a diesel, so I now go 15,000 miles on an oil change using that Amsoil stuff. For diesel, I think you can go around 2 or 3x the drain interval or something like that. A friend of mine had an F-250 and used that stuff. I think that's what he told me. I can't remember since it's been so long. He does a bunch of work on some kind of vehicle prep for used cars all over South Florida. He drives from Homestead to West Palm every day. I hate to see his diesel bill. That's insane. Anyway, coming from an RP user, I'd give that Amsoil stuff a try. It ends up being cheaper since you can go farther. Read the bottle when you get it. Maybe it will tell you how far you can go (I think. I may be wrong.)
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