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  1. bought my 17 this summer with 27k on it. the low mileage trucks are out there...just have to be patient. although the market is nuts right now. I could make like 8k if i sold it right now but i like it too much lol
  2. i ended up doing 2" front and 1" rear just because i usually have some weight in the back with tools and stuff you should be fine with the 275s. I originally wanted 285/60r20 but these were cheap so i scooped them up.
  3. Found these tires/wheels on marketplace 20x9 et1 wrapped in 305/55r20 they rub on the little plastic fender guard things but a razor knife will fix that. A little loud but it’s whatever. Love the stance.
  4. you have the stamped arms? it seems a bunch or people were rubbing with factory 20s and anything larger then stock tire size.
  5. for those of you with larger tires on stock wheels and stamped arms..how badly does it rub? i need tires before winter and was going to go with 285/60r20 on the stock wheels and then get different wheels in the spring. Does it just rub at full lock? I am ok with that for now. the truck is a 2017 high country with 2"front leveling kit
  6. i called motofab to confirm this before ordering. they advertise based off the amount of lift, not the block size. i went 2" in front, drove it for about a month and decided i wanted 1" in the rear as well. It is super close fender measurements but still looks like it has some squat. the 1" rear should be perfect.
  7. Ah bummer I’ve got the 8 speed. Maybe someday it will have a solution. and seems like we’re in the same boat with the exhaust lol. I don’t mind where it sits now. Looks better imo tucked up like that.
  8. double post but...whatever installed the gibson cat back last night. i got the dual side exit behind rear tire. fitment was solid but i think i have to tweak a bit as the front pipe is melting the plastic guard below the bedside. one thing that was annoyning is that they didnt give a new front clamp to go over the flared end. luckily my buddys stainless works exhaust came with 2 so he gave me the extra. it sounds awesome for a daily driver. can barely hear it on the highway. No drone form v4 mode whatsoever and it sounds quite loud under heavy accel really happy for the 550 or whatever it cost.
  9. truck looks good! i took my steps off and have just accepted the fact that ill be buying a replacement seat cover in a couple years lol
  10. going to bookmark this setup for when my shocks eventually need replacing. this is perfect IMO
  11. picked up a K&N intake (the plastic one) for $50 on market place and installed it. ill be swapping out the filter for the dry one asap but for now it sounds AWESOME. I have the 6.2 and its silent when cruising but great sound when giving it some go. bought it purely as a noise maker and dont feel/expect any gains.
  12. yea but i guess thats a huge slippery slope. Thats like not being able to sell gasoline because if used improperly you burn your backyard down. i think some of the new cars these days have more obnoxious headlights even when compared to my 04 that i had the ole ghetto HID in halogen housings lol....wont do that again. anyways...it look like the 35w HIDs are the way i will eventually go.
  13. 18.6 over my first 2 weeks of ownership. 1500 miles of mostly highway driving and some around town use. I dont have a heavy foot per say but do get off the line a bit quick. Traffic on my morning/afternoon commute moves at 75-80mph
  14. i went with the 2" in the front and the measurements are spot on for fenders but still looks like som squat. Does anyone make a 1/2" blockor is the smallest available a 1"? im tempted to go down to a 1.5 front but love the way the front end sits.
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