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  1. truck looks good! i took my steps off and have just accepted the fact that ill be buying a replacement seat cover in a couple years lol
  2. going to bookmark this setup for when my shocks eventually need replacing. this is perfect IMO
  3. picked up a K&N intake (the plastic one) for $50 on market place and installed it. ill be swapping out the filter for the dry one asap but for now it sounds AWESOME. I have the 6.2 and its silent when cruising but great sound when giving it some go. bought it purely as a noise maker and dont feel/expect any gains.
  4. yea but i guess thats a huge slippery slope. Thats like not being able to sell gasoline because if used improperly you burn your backyard down. i think some of the new cars these days have more obnoxious headlights even when compared to my 04 that i had the ole ghetto HID in halogen housings lol....wont do that again. anyways...it look like the 35w HIDs are the way i will eventually go.
  5. 18.6 over my first 2 weeks of ownership. 1500 miles of mostly highway driving and some around town use. I dont have a heavy foot per say but do get off the line a bit quick. Traffic on my morning/afternoon commute moves at 75-80mph
  6. i went with the 2" in the front and the measurements are spot on for fenders but still looks like som squat. Does anyone make a 1/2" blockor is the smallest available a 1"? im tempted to go down to a 1.5 front but love the way the front end sits.
  7. since when has a modification being illegal stopped anyone from selling it? that sounds kind of crazy. Thats a federal law or state? pretty lame of them. They cant just market it for offroad use only like every one that sells pretty much any other modification?
  8. i ordered the thicker gasket but was too impatient to wait for it lol
  9. cool thanks for the reply. I really only drive on construction sites or the sand when we go out on the beach. Aired down to 15psi a slick 285 would still be ok so tires dont matter much there lol as for 2 sets of tires i say why not. If you have space and money go for it. Ive thought about putting winter tires on the stock wheels as well.
  10. welp the stain that was removed before i bought the truck on the headliner is back. 3rd brake light had water in it so im assuming its that. ran a bead of silicone around the gasket area and screw holes. fingers crossed!
  11. why the hate on the AT3? i had them on my grand cherokee the XL ones or whatever with the more aggressive side wall and was going to put the same on the truck. curious as to maybe the higher rated at3 being bad on the trucks
  12. ah ok that makes sense. could always just run a stock size tire for the winter. You want a skinnier tread anyways for snow.
  13. which ones are you planning on going with? for the cost it may just be cheaper to get a leveling kit that comes with the UCA as they are meant to fix ball joint angles associated with the lift. so even though you wont rub with OE aluminum arms, they still will have an improper angle...supposedly. Personally, i am using the rubbing as an excuse to go with aftermarket wheels and sticking with stock arms and a 2" level
  14. I used a diode but now thinking about it, having the reverse lights come on with the cargo lights may be cool for what I use them for.
  15. Installed the motofab 2” leveling kit. Sits 39 front and a hair over 39” rear. Also got the windows tinted today. 15% all the way around.
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