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  1. is the lid on the 2018+ going to fit right up? Also would i need to wire anything up specially or is it plug and play? I have a Note 9 but my passengers have iPhones so that would be nice
  2. I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 with a full center console. My truck does not have wireless charging on the lid so my question is do i need to swap to a lid that has one or are there aftermarket plug and play kits i can install?
  3. i was curious to see a finished product on having a bigger or wider slot on the lid
  4. When my phone is connected via bluetooth (Not using Android Auto) and a text message comes in i can see whoever sent me the message but i can not see what the message says. How do i go about seeing these texts without connecting to the USB or by using Android Auto?
  5. does anyone have pictures of the turnout on this? My note 9 won't fit with the case
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