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  1. You can cite whatever random pseudo-knowledge that you may have but the fact remains, you are driving a $hitbox, and you come on here talking $hit to people driving the dream version of said $hitbox. LMAO & GTFOH Some of these people are unreal. Never seen more ill-informed people defend a material purchase to the death.
  2. So the guy with a 2015 V-6 lowest trim level and weakest engine Chevy has ever put in a half ton says that he is totally happy with his said vehicle and thinks the T-1 is a POS? Again, I'm sure you would love the Crew Cab or AT4 threads where other people like yourself who had zero clue what they were buying or have inferiority complexes, knock those who chose nicer vehicles. How do you feel about a back seat? How about leather? How about navigation? Cameras? Center console? Powered seats? I mean I could go on and on... you have a stripped out underpowered work truck and are knocking people buying the best half ton that money can buy? LMAO, only on this forum. I'm sure this guy's POS work truck is a total cream puff, but for those who actually can afford a new truck with a couple bells and whistles my answer would be that the jury is still out as to whether I would buy one again. So far the answer is yes, but with all the recalls thus far I'm not 100% confident that these are 200-250k mile vehicles, which is what I thought I was purchasing and would probably have looked elsewhere if I thought it wouldn't be...
  3. You got the wrong one jack. I cdon't care what somebody else drives. I just think the crew cab short boxes look funny and aren't nearly as utilitarian. Where I'm from only women and the rich folk drive crew cabs but if that what you like bub by all means it ain't no skin off my back. If you really using the bed in a crew cab the point remains that you would be better off with another vehicle. But it ain't my money.
  4. Long time lurker but I think the guy is trying to say that it makes no sense to buy a short bed if you have any intention of using it as a truck. By that same logic I'm not too sure that a short bed is much more functional than a mid-size SUV with the back seats folded flat. I'm currently in the process of trying to find one I like for the right price as I already have a 2018 dc, but the T1 double cabs are the best looking trucks on the road right now yeah that guy is kind of a dick how he said it, but the point is true. You would be better off with a large SUV with folding back seats if your goal is to Carry around 4 people. I owned GM trucks for the past 35 years and it is kind of a joke to watch all the mall trucks. i guess in todays day and age everyones a badass and you aren't allowed to prove otherwise. Back in the good ole days those people would have been ridiculed that's a fact jack!! that is the problem. Makes them all seem like super sierra put it as poserish. guilty by association I think he was just making fun of you'll. I take it most of you'll ain't from the south. there are some very sensitive people on these forums. like I said before everyone where I live knows that crew cab short box are for women and rich people who don't know what they are buying. been that way since the beginning of time
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