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  1. Been following this for months, and have had the re-seal done so far. Mine's been dry since this work, but am curious.... Maybe a dumb question, but would the solid window be problem free if the spoiler bolts are this big of an issue? Not sure I fully understand how these 3 things inter-play....
  2. It's interesting and frustrating that GM won't approve a solid replacement. I've had the initial repair done, and it's been fine since, but it's ridiculous that every time it rains, I feel compelled to go check it. I'm deciding between waiting for it to happen again, and trying to get them to cover it, or just go do it myself at a local guy's shop It's too bad that this is going on, I really love the truck otherwise. Thank you for the information on pricing and your experiences!
  3. My 5/60 extension is definitely through a 3rd party. Clearly states has to go to dealer where purchased. If more than 40 miles away from purchased dealer, which mine is, need to obtain authorization before taking to another dealer or shop.... And my window has already had attempted repair #1. #2 will be a solid rear window.
  4. Installed my Lomax from Truck alterations last night. Install was easy and straightforward. Rained moderately hard here for a while today. A little leaking toward the front, but it went straight down the drain holes. A little extra weatherstrip would probably solve it. It's really low profile, and so far I'm very pleased. (and Luke was great) I wanted something that was moderately secure, yet could be removed quickly if I wanted full use of my bed. This seems to fit the bill perfectly.
  5. I too researched this option with Safelite and wanted to confirm this as well. The only thing I am not sure about is the spoiler. The dealer said the bolts that hold the spoiler on are one-time use. they have some type of gasket or sealer on them and can't be re-used. It took a week for them to get these in from GM. I am wondering if a place like Safelite would have those bolts or similar challenges.
  6. Got mine back tonight after 24hrs of adhesive curing and a new window seal. It was allegedly run through multiple water tests and no leaking so we'll see how long it lasts. Truck was definitely soaked when I picked it up. If it recurs, I am pursuing the solid rear window path. On a more positive note my Lomax cover arrived today and I get to install that this weekend.....
  7. My parts came in, and it's back at the dealer. Rained here today after a number of dry days, and it was definitely leaking. I wish I felt more confident this was the end of this one....
  8. I picked mine back up today. New seal and spoiler bolts are on-order. ETA mid-week next week. (high demand, go figure) There was another truck at the dealer with the same issue. If this recurs, or doesn't stop, I am pursuing the solid rear window option.
  9. This is a weird one. I've owned a lot of Jeeps with countless issues through the years. I'm in IT, and not Engineering, so maybe this is easy for me to say but.... I can't believe they haven't figure this one out on vehicles that cost this much. My 1978 Pontiac Phoenix even stayed dry in the rain. All that said, I really do love the vehicle, and hope they can find a resolution.
  10. Mine is getting worse quickly. It was barely raining here today, and it was a pretty steady drip. The towel was surprisingly wet . With over an inch in the forecast, and given it won't fit in the garage, I reluctantly called a dealer today and it's going in tomorrow morning. More to come.
  11. This is the route I am leaning toward as well
  12. I agree regarding having mine tore apart. So, what are your next steps?
  13. I used mine 2 times total. After I discovered the leaking issues, I quit using it hoping to delay what seems like the inevitable I actually really like having it, along with the front windows, open in nice weather but chose to keep it closed so it wouldn't leak....
  14. I've wondered about this correlation as well. However, as someone stated a few posts back, it seems weird the headliner would be wet unless the frame goes up higher than we think. If you do, please let us know what the dealer says. I'm still contemplating whether I want mine ripped apart until there's a more clear cause/resolution....
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