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  1. I know this is an old thread, but anybody who finds it via a web search like I did while contemplating replacing their own lines might find this addition useful. The thought of removing my ABS modulator was giving me stress, I have no way to actuate the unit to bleed the air after reconnecting everything and I already replaced my lines with copper nickle a few years ago; so this option got moved way to the bottom of my list. I ended up buying a 2 section stainless steel kit from an online Canadian company so removing the torsion bars wouldn't be needed. I fumbled around a bit and came up with what I thought was an easier option. The ABS unit has 3 mount points, 2 at the top on the sides, and one larger at the bottom in the center. I simply cut the bottom mount about 1/2 inch below the ABS unit with an air grinder and removed all three bolts from the frame. Most of the bottom bracket can now be removed and with the ABS unit loose the lines were able to be removed and reinstalled with a little wiggling around. When it comes time for a re-install, line everything back up and tighten the bolts. As for the cut bracket I thought of 2 options: 1) weld the 2 pieces back together, I tried and failed miserably 2.) Attach a small piece of steel between the 2 pieces, drill in 4 spots using #10 screws. Option number 2 worked perfectly, although did take some time to complete.
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