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  1. You happen to know that tsb # would you ? 2020 trail boss 6.2/10 same vibration 2cnd set of tires, local dealer says everything is fine
  2. I do, but time hasn't allowed me to be able to swap just yet. Local tire shop says tires and wheels are fine. Dealer says all is is within tolerance. Feels like pinion angle (my truck does not have any shims at all only the blocks in the rear) or the cv joints in the front are bad, there is no defined answer on how much is too much play for those though...wondering if I need to adjust the pinion angle with shims at this point
  3. Same issue here..2020 trailboss..swapped tires, still have the factory wheels..my truck does not have the pinion shims..just the 2" block..I would like to bring the rear of mine down also. Did you come to a solution for the vibration. My dealer is of no help whatsoever
  4. Greasing the splines is only half the issue..the noise is mainly coming from the plastic bearing/bushing the shaft goes through located in the firewall..try to get some grease in there as well or non petroleum based spray lubricant..it should take care of the issue for a while..not completely but for a good while.
  5. For most of us here the issue will be the upper intermediate steering shaft (gm part number 84488135) along with the bearing that is in the firewall..the latter of which I cant find a definite replacement number but I have emailed Dorman to see if they make one yet. Gm knows that this is the problem as it has been in the past but they will not do anything other than the "could not duplicate" until there is a tsb for the 2020 model years in my opinion
  6. I did this exact thing this afternoon, after the ride he acknowledged the steering clunk but said that there were no codes saved or otherwise that they could find. I proceeded then to show him the 7 saved codes that my scanner found ( I too was employed by gm many moons ago as a mechanic) he then downplayed that saying people using scanners only cause issues that shouldn't be there in the first place in the vehicle. After that I showed him the gm bulletin that details the steps to take on clearing those codes and the cause telling the shop foreman to keep them in case they need them in the future.
  7. Update. Just received a call from my dealership, and guess what...could not duplicate...imagine that. Is there anyone on here that can direct to some kind of gm tech help or support ? This is just totally ridiculous.
  8. I've been running 93 since purchase (10 miles) Not saying it couldn't have been that from the first tank from the dealer..and I also use octane boost on every 5th fill up at 1100 miles now.
  9. Misfire or chuggle at any speed, almost feels like the chevy shake but I can feel the trans shifting fine. All tires are balanced and alignment is good. I can put it in low gear and limit the gears to 9 and the vibration is still there but only at about 80% of what it was. Hoping that its not a drivetrain issue, driveshaft or ujoints..having a hard enough time as it is at the dealership with the cannot duplicate replies. Maybe a tps sensor as well but getting the dealer to look into it is very challenging which is sad.
  10. Has anyone heard any news on the dfm for the 6.2 with the 10 spd transmission? I'm having a horrible time with mine.
  11. Taking mine in next Monday..2020 trailboss lt 980 miles on it same issue
  12. I'm having this same issue...can you give a tsb number or link for the trans mount issue...and can op give clarification on whether his issue was fixed by the ecm replacement? Thanks.
  13. Have you noticed any difference in ride quality, comfort ?
  14. Hey all..i have what is probably a dumb question. I have a 2020 trailboss..and im wondering if I can install the bilstein 5100 shocks to just level it out and if so what do I set them to before installing to get the desired leveled height ? 1" or 2" ? Any info will be appreciated..thanks in advance
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