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  1. Haha I knew that coming !! It's actually mud and snow rated. But yeah Love the big truck look but don't like the roar of all terrain or mud terrain tires. Spend 99% of my time running up and down the highway.
  2. Just clocked 216 miles on the Odometer Just had new tires put on at discount. They took my duratracs for trade. I knew the first test drive that tires would be the first thing to go. 295-70-18 Michelin defender LTX M/S Stock suspension Custom Trail Boss. Not even close to rubbing anywhere. More stuff coming today
  3. Picked up a Trail Boss Custom Saturday 10 miles on it when I installed the range AFM disabler ! I ordered the range before my truck was delivered to dealership.
  4. Just picked up my Satin Steel metallic Trail Boss custom on saturday. Got about 200 miles Thanks to this forum I was expecting to buy the new console. Along with other things,c onsole will be delivered Wednesday !
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