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  1. 2020 Silverado 4x4 RST NON max tow with duramax crew cab standard bed my payload is 1808 lbs. max tow weight is 9200lbs. Max tow package could probably see 2000+ lbs payload.
  2. Definitely agree heat affects it more than fuel useage. Towing just creates more of both, but I use less towing at night in cooler temps than midsummer days. For example, I used barely any def towing 5000 lbs with 1000lbs in bed for 800 miles to Florida in cool temps. Same trip in the heat unloaded used way more def.
  3. As far as weird intermittent issues, I’ve noticed if we have strong windy storms overnight, the next day I may have a random reboot of the software or random electrical glitches that clear up. I’m guessing at an angle water can get into some electronics, but I’ve never had it after washing it or normal rain. With the temperature gauge, it seems like it will overheat a touch to help the oil or engine heat evenly. It’s not a true overheat because anytime I get annoyed with it, if I hit the gas the temp gauges literally plummets back to normal. If it was actually not keeping up with cooling, the opposite should happen so it’s not something to worry about and that’s a good way to get myself not to worry about it lol. Towards max load with a trailer on 90 degree or warmer days if I’m spiritedly accelerating through traffic, I do notice the gauge slightly on the high side of the the middle notch, and responsiveness of the engine seems throttled back compared to the start of the trip with the same load.
  4. 6.2 or not, the zr2 is less capable as a truck than a Nissan nv200 which has higher payload. 1400 lb payload is ridiculously low.
  5. 3.73 gears in diesel is awesome. Upgraded cooling and drivetrain is great (at 46,000 miles I have drivetrain play but it’s used for work and I work it). Also, on a 95degree day when you’re really working it, it currently detected power some, so the upgraded cooling is needed. I’m really into the upgraded cluster. I kind of dig the new high country look. will probably be upgrading to the new 2022. Edit: Also, definitely like the new bright blue!
  6. 2020 Silverado rst, 3-4 inches lower than stock (from weight) and I get flashed all the time. From behind my light hits little shitboxes right in the side mirrors as well. unloaded at exactly stock height I get flashed even more. my 2018 also got flashed. as did my 2015. most drivers in my state (Virginia) should not have a license.
  7. I wonder if the cooler lines for the trans have the same issue in Silverado’s as they do on the tahoes with the duramax. But I haven’t heard or seen anyone mention any kind of issues with the 10 speed until this.
  8. He was in auto 4wd if you watch the video towing 7,000 lbs uphill at moderate speeds. If he had been in 4 high, 2 high or 4 low I bet he would have been fine. The gravel while towing would be engaging 4wd on and off (with clutches which creates heat). At 35mph the torque converter was probably not locked which with the on and off of the autotrac would generate excessive heat from clutch slippage as well. Maybe even just locking it into 3rd or 4th would have helped with the heat. Either way, 4wd generates more load and heat to the transmission than 2wd.
  9. Based on this, I’d say 6.2 and 3.0 diesel as installed with accessories are roughly the same weight. The 5.3 is obviously lighter.
  10. GM and other manufacturers don’t list differential fluid changes, transmission fluid changes, antifreeze changes, and ball joint greasing (removed the grease nipples even) because not doing these services will usually not result in any part failures for the original owner. However, if they list the maintenance as recommended, it increases the cost of ownership for the vehicle. For instance, coolant changes where the first coolant change is recommended at 100,000-150,000 miles (after first owner probably doesn’t own it anymore), and then every 30,000-60,000 miles from then on. So just because it’s not listed as recommended maintenance doesn’t mean there’s no benefit to doing the maintenance. You just probably won’t have an outright failure if you don’t.
  11. Yes. I believe the 6.2 is about 150lbs heavier, but that is probably not the correct number. I do know for a fact that the 6.2 and 3.0 Diesel engined trucks sit lower in the front due to the extra weight.
  12. I believe the starter on this generation of trucks isn’t a traditional toothed starter that spins the flywheel, but rather spins the drive belt in the front to start the engine. The belt on these trucks also does not have a tensioner. So if the starter has a clutch like an ac compressor to engage the drive belt, that would create a chirping noise if the clutch material made contact or had a piece of debris in there. Would also explain the sound happening during slowdown or downshifting.
  13. That just means it’s at least 2 bad wheels or tires. Front you feel in steering wheel, rear you’ll feel in the seat and console.
  14. Most likely a regen, however, if you have a leaky injector or bad compression in a cylinder, that could cause smoking as well as the mpg loss.
  15. The blue def normal works good. So does the shell rotella DEF. The blue def platinum gave me poor def quality errors then service emissions system. Running it low and shell rotella got rid of the errors. Never had any def or emissions errors with anything except the blue def platinum. Take that how you will.
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