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  1. So I picked up my truck today after it being in the shop for 6 days. They did an update that was to fix the black screen after remote start. It seems to be fixed.They thought that the USB port was faulty because I had a problem with Apple CarPlay not working. So it was changed out and still have a problem with the Radio recognizing my phone. They plugged a test device into the port and still no recognition. I need the truck tell next Wednesday and will bring back in for them to call and work with Tech support. Mechanic believes it is the radio. It will also show phone is connected by Bluetooth and will not play media even though phone says it is. Will check back in next week.
  2. Take pictures to show service Dept. I wish I would have taken pics and video to show them. Is your Silverado a 2500HD?
  3. So, the shop has had mine for 2 days and as you can expect nothing has been found as of yet. They say batteries tested good, cables pass resistance test and all cables are tight. Mechanic is periodically going by truck and remote starting. None of the symptoms have happened since jumping it off. They are saying it possibly went through reset. They are keeping it tell Tuesday and will let y’all know more then.
  4. My 2020 2500HD with 500 miles is in the shop today with the blank screen on remote start, dead batteries yesterday and several other wired things. Like gauge clusters bouncing and info screen behind steering wheel coming on after truck was turned off. Will let y’all know what this shop says.
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