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  1. If they did not replace all of the valve springs per the TSB, I would take it back, and insist they follow it. I had it happen twice while driving, after second time, I refused to pick it up until they did. They found 3 more on the other bank. I could really feel the coming failure, by lifting a little between 45-55 MPH, and then softly pushing the gas, slight miss could be felt.. Good luck!!
  2. I just had this issue on a 2020 1500 Denali. I never used the APP, and the trial for Onstar expired last night. 350 miles on truck, its been at the dealer most of the time since delivery, due to 5 bad valve springs. I have had it with this POS.
  3. Update: Finally got it back after 17 days, they replaced all 16 Springs and seals. The tech said he found 3 broken springs on the on the other bank, for a total of 5 broken, he also said he found several bad seals. Not sure what occurred, but it seems like more than just a batch of bad springs. If you experience this issue, please ensure they follow the TSB, and replace them all.
  4. I don't believe them, but yes, I have an open case with GM. The GM customer case representative, stated the same backlog, and verified they were on order with no ETA. I can wait as long as they want. I have one of the dealers new Sierra Denali's, with a diesel. No issues with it so far. The dealer and GM representative have been told, I would not pick mine up, until all 16 springs have been replaced per the TSB. So we wait, while I rack up miles on their vehicle.
  5. I am really glad they found enough springs, to do the complete fix. Mine is still at the dealership, and both the dealer and GM are telling me they cannot locate the 14 needed, to replace the rest of mine, after failure number two. Maybe soon. Keep insisting on the warranty extension, they should come through with it. Even though neither of us dropped a valve, its hard to say if it bent, or weakened it, when the spring(s) broke.
  6. MsKlaws, Get as much as you can from GM and the dealer. I personally, see nothing wrong with being compensated for your troubles. If you are going to keep it long term, see if they will provide an extended warranty. Good Luck!!!
  7. I would take the buyback and run. never offered on first or second failure. I was told its mine.
  8. Update: Dealer service manager called this afternoon to tell me my truck was fixed, and would I return the truck my salesman took off the lot. I asked if they had replaced all 15 remaining springs, he admitted no, only the broken one. I stayed calm, and asked him why not, he stated that the GM cares manager had called, and according to him, they could not find 14 valve spring, or a replacement engine. I am finding that really hard to believe. He said it may take 20-30 days, I told him fine, I will continue to enjoy their new truck while waiting for the proper fix. I also reminded him, he said the same thing after the first spring had broke, and that they did not follow the TSB, and replace them all then. He really wanted me to return the truck from the lot, I declined. I did suggest they spend $200 at the local parts store, and he declined. I think they were peddling manure, what do you all think.
  9. Actually, including this one, two out of the last three have had some pretty significant issues. The 2500, had its share of minor issues, including a shake at 60 MPH that never was resolved. The Tahoe was about to become a buyback. If anything, I have been loyal to a fault.
  10. The TSB shows all the High performance engines L88, LT1, LT2, LT4, the L82, L84, and L8T, which would be 5.3, 6.2, and 6.6. I have not heard, or read of any failures, on anything but the L87 6.2 and corvette LT2 6.2, if that helps.
  11. I agree that a bad batch of parts can happen, I understand that, what I take issue with, is the replacement of just the one valve spring, knowing they cannot identify which ones are bad. GM should do the same procedure on all engines that have the failure, and that is replace them all, so that I/we do not get to experience the issue, over and over. I begged the dealership to replace them all on the first failure, at 60 miles. GM would not allow them to do so. This is my second bad experience with a GM product in the past 4 years (life long GM owner), the other was a 2016 Tahoe they never could fix. The dealership helped on that one, with a great deal on a trade in. I think, they did so, just to get it out of the service area, where it resided most of the time. I will say, the dealership has been great, and the reason I stayed with another GM product. I did not go with RAM, because I thought the GMC would be more reliable. Hopefully, it will be in the long run. It was an 8/20 build. I would be cautious with any 6.2 built in the time frame of the TSB right now.
  12. Bought a new 2020 Sierra Denali 6.2 on 9/29. Did not even make it home, broken spring at 60 miles. Today 10/5 broke a second spring at 120 miles. Told them not call me unless all remaining valve springs are replaced. This was GM truck 12 for me and will be my last. The dealer service tech said its only a TSB, not a recall, I pointed to the truck and told him there sits proof of the issue. Good luck to anyone that experiences this mess.
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