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  1. Low resistance is most likely an issue with the connector that plugs into the airbag. The center piece that pushes in is very important and if its broken or not pushed in all the way then the resistance will be low. That or they messed up the airbag control module when they reset it.
  2. Installed the morimoto XB fog lights, pretty impressed with them so far
  3. anytime a windshield is replaced the calibration of the lane departure camera is required. Now will the system work yes but its basically the vehicle manufacturer covering there ass and if the system doesn't work properly they can turn around and say well its because a windshield was installed on the vehicle and the calibration was never performed.
  4. Recently installed these thanks to reading this forum topic and love them, followed the instructions in here modified the puddle lights themselves and notched the locking tab spot on the mirror so the logo is straight with the truck!
  5. I don't believe it will work if you don't have the existing puddle lights because you won't have the wiring inside the mirror for the lights.
  6. over the weekend added the 19 GMC logo puddle lights to my 14 sierra. I personally love the look of them not a great pic but only one i have.
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