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  1. Great points on all...issue comes down t cost. I am fine with fewer bells and whistles for the moment. The truck will for sure hold it's value more so than the Chevy Malibu that I'm in now...Which is humorous watching my huge frame getting in and out of. I would like an LT but not in the price range. I liked the Custom Crew V6 for what it is. I don't have to drive distance anymore so the little less gas mileage is acceptable. I would like to see an 8 speed tranny rather than the 6 BUT I think it'll do what I need it to. Thanks for the conversation!
  2. I'll tell you what...My eyes have gone downhill the older I get...Driving at night was never an issue in my 20s and 30s, my 40s have kicked my butt!!!
  3. Hey all....New user to the group here! I am looking for any thoughts or comments on the V6 Silverado 1500 Custom. I am in the market and have test driven a 2021 Custom. The truck handled well and I like it, BUT I just wanted to get a feel from other Custom V6 owners. I have historically been a Ram 1500 Hemi user but I had some issues with the past couple trucks and wanted to get into something a little different. I don't haul anything big if at all. Mostly need the truck for the bed and potential for pulling a small boat later on. Any thoughts and comments are welcome! Thanks
  4. That is a good difference!! Have you had any issues with these? Another big thing, have any other drivers flashed you because your lights were too bright? I used to get that a lot in one of my older trucks that had SilverStar lights installed that were super bright. Were your LEDs plug and play or did you have to alter anything?
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