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  1. I have ran into the exact same issue. Dealership was than helpful on this one....
  2. Also looking at going to this size on stock at4 rim with toyo at3.
  3. Thats what i was afraid of... i havent touch the grill or front camera. Another item to add to the list for dealer.
  4. Does anyone know if the 360 camera view can be calibrated? My front and sides one don't line up very well when parking.
  5. Issue still remains for me, going in soon again for another round. My back passenger door is doing it as well now. Messed with window up and down with same results.
  6. Put a set of the gator back offsets on my truck. Really like the no drill install. They clean up nice with the existing fender flap there.
  7. Had the exact same issue, truck went in and out of the dealership for 8 days total. They tried different door hinges, adjusting the striker up making body lines look like garbage. The ended up going through 3 different latches before it got better. Still have the issue a bit but no where near as bad when first got the truck. Waiting on something to come out from GM for this, have a case open with them now on it.
  8. Anyone with active air shutters missing the top left blade? Dealership told me this was normal.
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