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  1. https://www.roughcountry.com/gmc-leveling-lift-kit-1318.html I'm running this 2" level on my AT4
  2. thanks for sharing. you think the ball joint angle was the culprit for failure. any idea if the RC UCA would have prevented the failures.
  3. anyone know where I can purchase one with the chrome painted black. thanks
  4. who has this intake in stock and at the best price. thanks
  5. thanks. in that case I gather the range works as advertised.
  6. ok..i bought and installed the range for my 6.2. the only time the auto stop has activated is when I remote start. not sure if it activates immediately or after a period of idling but I have to push the start button once I get in.
  7. check here https://www.calipercovers.com/?www.calipercovers.com&gclid=CjwKCAiAirb_BRBNEiwALHlnDwIIMvBjOzX8M-O-6qoHgdIZpH2rprn2nEMb0S0LBrTOQ9noJYoiNRoC4MsQAvD_BwE I'm considering painting myself. good luck
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