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  1. After four weeks of waiting. Picked my truck up this afternoon. They replaced all 16 lifters. We shall see how this goes only have 3,700 miles on the truck.
  2. Has anyone got their truck fixed after having this problem? Did the fix hold or was it back in the shop again? My truck has been waiting for parts for two weeks now.
  3. They did the same exact thing for me and it took only 2 hours for the check engine light to come on again with the code of P0300. Took it back to them and of course the light was off at this point and flickering. The called me back and told me it was bad lifters which GM knows about. Which I would hope so after reading all these forums. They told me it could be 6-8 weeks until it can be fixed. Only has 3,600 miles and this is the 4th time it has been in the shop for issues. 2021 GMC Sierra 1550 AT4 5.3 V8.
  4. I had the same problem with my 2021 1500 Sierra AT4 5.3. Bad lifter arms which are on backorder. Truck only has 3,600 miles and now it sits at the dealer.
  5. I have 3,600 miles on my 2021 AT4 with a 5.3 and it is now in the shop with bad lifters. Parts are on backorder with no estimated time of arrival. Guess I am not the only one having this problem.
  6. I have a GMC Sierra 2020 SLT model. I am get the service warning light everytime that I drive on the beach and I have the four wheel drive engaged. The brake starts clicking, but never engages. It happens when the truck slides a little on the sand. I thought that the ESC was not suppose to be on when the truck was in four wheel drive. But everytime I get the service ESC warning light. The dealership continually tells me that they cannot do anything unless I bring the truck to them with the light on. Any feedback is appreciated.
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