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  1. WIX10351 didn’t work for me, felt like the thread pitch was different and I wasn’t about to chance it. Had to search for a PF66 but finally found one and it spun on correctly. Just FYI
  2. Has anyone tried using the longer strut assembly from the at4/trailboss on a regular model truck to level it?! Seems like a no brainer to me but I searched and couldn’t find anyone that’s done the swap. Bilstein offers a 5100 for the trailboss/at4 (which is longer) and I’m thinking of using that strut set at the lowest notch to achieve my 2” level in the front and maintain a nice ride quality on my 2021 GMC Sierra elevation. What do you all think? I reached out to bilstein and they couldn’t confirm or deny fitment lol
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