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  1. I'm changing out all my power and accessory relays. The original is an OMRON 5510-0329 STSP NO relay. This seems difficult to find. However, there are plenty 5 PIN STDP relays that unenergized connected to the 87A pin number 5. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced replacement for the original or if the 5 pin is compatible? Thanks
  2. Solved! - My truck was sitting outside the auto shop having baffled a half dozen "GM trained" mechanics for the last few days. I used the circuit diagram and I first eliminated suspected grounding issues by measuring positive to left body and positive to engine. Both measured 12.6 volts. I then walked through the circuit with my VOM starting with the Run, Crank relay activation voltage. That was good, but when I moved to the next relay I had nothing. I went back and swapped the rear defogger relay with the run, crank relay. I found voltage on the next downstream relay. The engine cran
  3. Truck died while driving, won't crank or start - Need help! My 2007 Colorado (manual, 105,000 miles) died while driving at 50 MPH. Engine died, dash lights come on as if key was turned to on from run. I shut everything down, turned ignition to accessory, all lights came up normally. Turned to start and everything electrical is pulled down. I checked and re-seated the battery connections. I could find no blown fuses. Took battery in for testing and the tester was broke so they replaced with new battery since it was in free-replacement period. Tried with new battery and same result.
  4. Not very useful, but I hope you felt better getting to post "something" .
  5. I am proceeding with due caution! The airbag light comes on intermittently, and comes on when parking brake on my Hummer H3 is released. I found this GM Service directive (Service Airbag - Have Codes - Ask the GM Technician - GM-Trucks.com (gm-trucks.com)) and tried compressing the described connector. The airbag light went off immediately. The directive indicates "Disconnect and reconnect the IP harness to inflatable restraint module connector C221 or C222 THREE times. <LI type=1>Clear the DTC and road test the vehicle" It appears the problem is the connector is anchored to the
  6. I have never seen a connector like this. Can someone explain how to disconnect with harming it? Thanks
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