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  1. Thanks for the link, maybe I'll give that a shot one of these days.
  2. I've taken the case off before (though it is just a very slim case) and the phone by itself fits snugly into the console. Normal charging pads seem to work fine with/without the case...just wondering if maybe it is weak. Not a huge deal but since getting the wireless android auto it drains my battery much quicker so I figured having it on the wireless pad would be ideal, guess that is not the case lol.
  3. I replaced my wireless charger a while back with the Gen 2 so it would charge my S10+. For some reason it will only charge it for like 3 minutes before it just...stops, and won't start again until I pick it up for 10 seconds and place it back down. Then it repeats the process, charges for a few and then randomly stops. My phone charges fine on normal charge pads. I take it out of the case to make sure it is in direct contact with the pad and it fits snug in it. Should I just look for a different aftermarket option?
  4. Looks sharp. Was it this set? https://www.ebay.com/itm/373623026075?hash=item56fdaaf19b:g:RrAAAOSw19lg0SP3 Debating on pulling the trigger. If I already have DL3s would I need the new harness, or would these be PnP? Would these still utilize the auto reverse tilt for the power flat glass?
  5. Understandable. My phone battery is good so I have no reason to charge it. I never really cared for Android Auto mainly because I never plugged my phone in, but it's nice having it automatically come on. For future inquirers, my issue was fixed by updating to firmware 1.7.1.
  6. Finally got mine in. Question for you, do you experience where it won't boot up sometimes? I have tried both USB ports in my center console, but it's inconsistent. If I unplug and plug right back in it works fine. I don't think it's the AAWireless unit because once I plug it back in it gets power, but I also don't see how it's the truck's USB ports since I never have issues with charging other devices with either port.
  7. It's a nice easy install too. Took me about 10 minutes.
  8. I changed mine the other day. Only thing I had in there was a bunch of nuts, but I made the mistake of not using a manila folder so a leaf fell down. Tore my hand apart trying to fish it out but finally got it and installed the new filter.
  9. S8 was really not a great phone (compared to various other gens, like S7 was good). Samsung tends to have an every other version type of thing like Microsoft does. Also too, the S8 is over 4 years old now so I wouldn't be surprised if people have issues with it still.
  10. Interesting, just applied for one. This would be awesome as I hate the wired Android Auto.
  11. Bought a new to me 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT All Terrain in December, and new to the forum. Made a few mods over the last few months to make her mine: K&N CAI Dashcam hardwired to driver's side fuse box 2" front leveling kit (Rough country) 6" Stubby antenna Weathertech in-track rain guards Chrome/polished muffler tip LED reverse/cargo/plate lights Next on the list is tow mirrors.
  12. These look gorgeous. I have a 2017 SLT All Terrain, so assuming the same features as your stock mirrors. Was this plug-and-play since your stock mirrors were full featured? Does the reverse tilt work with these? I was thinking about picking these up, but not sure if I should just go OEM at this point: https://www.americantrucks.com/sierra1500-powered-heated-tow-mirrors-smoked-led-turn-signals-black-rmx-siv14g3g-at-fs.html Cheers!
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