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  1. As for another fix, I found a used tailgate cover upstairs at work. Good condition too! Here’s the before
  2. I got the new actuator and motor in the door. Pretty easy install. I’m gonna wait though to put the panel back. I don’t want ANY rattles. Plus the speaker needs replaced too
  3. I’ve debated on selling it. If the offers out there the. I’d let it go for the right price. Autotrader in my area sells these for 11k lol
  4. Still waiting on the regulator/window motor. Took some pictures before I went for a run.
  5. Also the speaker is cracked and very worn out. And the tweeter that the previous over installed was shot!
  6. Well, so far so good with cleaning the engine. I bought the little block off plate gasket, but then I realized you have to change the oil to replace it . I don’t feel like doing that right after I just did it lol. On the way home the passenger window had a hard time going up and down. So I pulled the door card and found. Bunch of white pieces from the window regulator. Bought a new one, just waiting for it to arrive. The white part by the springs keep coming out too.
  7. Just GM engine degreaser, paint brush to scrub, a rag, and a water hose. I covered the alternator with a towel, then a wal-mart bag.
  8. So I decided to take your advice and clean the engine bay. It is FAR from shiny. The pictures make it look cleaner than what it really is. Before...
  9. I’m hoping to get it all dry, but for the most part it’s not too bad.
  10. After changing the oil, looks like I found a leak. I stole this picture from google. But it looks like there’s a block off plate above the filter that is leaking. I’ll look up diagrams at work Monday to see what gasket it is.
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