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  1. Damn! Dealers been pretty helpful, just not sure they are very experienced in this, and are kind of small being in Vermont.
  2. It is! 18 Sierra SLT - I’ll have to look into what lease extension entails. Thanks for the heads up! Fingers crossed it’s all for not, and it magically appears soon!
  3. I know this has been beat to a pulp - but I put a deposit on a Trail Boss my dealer had headed to their inventory back in beginning of March. Since then the truck hasn’t moved. It’s on hold with event code 4D00 for about 4-5 weeks now. Dealer is leaning on microchip shortage for reasoning. GM chat yesterday said it was “completely assembled and awaiting shipment.” What are the chances this thing gets out of factory before mid May? My current lease expires on 5/15, so time is tight. Can’t wait for it, just pushing the envelope is all. Thanks for any input! Long time rea
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