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  1. I test drove a Denali and it was a very nice truck. I ended going with an AT4 CP for a few reasons. #1) I live in Montana and didn't want low profile tires. Been through that with my last two German cars and it's a pain to have to dodge potholes. Sure I still try to dodge them but I have less of a chance at bending a wheel with more rubber. And then there's the off-road aspect. #2) Personal preference only, but I just didn't care for all of the chrome on the Denali. #3) The powered steps were great on the Denali. But with the slime they use to de-ice the roa
  2. The gear oil may have worked well I just got spooked by the new sounds coming from my rear differential. Appreciate your response and demeanor.
  3. I wasn't anything proprietary but rather information available from Amsoil at the time. It explained some of their testing methods. I seem to recall an "8-ball" test or something similar. As stated, I had good results when I used Amsoil in my 12V Cummins (Marine DIesel). When I used Amsoil's synthetic differential lube (80w-90 if I remember correctly) the rear end made noises that it never made prior. I added their limited slip additive and it still made some noise. So I dumped it and went back to Mobil1 and the rear end was quiet like it was before. I st
  4. Is Amsoil really DexosD spec approved? Or is it Amsoil telling you it meets the spec? I wouldn't risk my warranty on an oil that wasn't DexosD rated. And for the MLM crowd, I've been down the Amsoil path. Used it for quite a while in my Cummins with good results. I had a different experience with their synthetic diff fluid that they said was rated to the applicable SAE spec. A friend with a PowerStroke had the exact same experience. When I drilled down it turned out they were using their own testing methods to validate their oils. I heard the spiel about the cost o
  5. I installed the Tailgatefix hitch lockout switch last month. Works as advertised. Hopefully it proves to be durable.
  6. Mine has the same "warped & hanging" condition. I'm going to replace the bumper anyway so I decided to not worry about it. Shouldn't look like that on a new vehicle though.
  7. While I liked the Ford F-150 Platinum & limited models, I thought the all digital dash could really benefit from a different graphic design. I've had all digital displays in some German cars that really looked high tech, because they were. Also the 12" display has a plain Jane baby blue type hue to the display. They could really dress this up with some better graphics too. I wish I could have got a Powerboost option in my AT4.
  8. I drove mine back to Montana from Coeur d'Alene on I90. Did over 55 mph but didn't really load the engine, especially coming over the pass. Smooth and gradual acceleration. Tried to vary speed as much as the conditions allowed. I'll bet your going to be extremely pleased with the new truck. I know I am.
  9. I shopped both Ford & GMC and ended up buying GMC. I would have been happy with the Ford too. Didn't look at Ram, been there done that (I still have one). I have grown to like the GMC interior. It's laid out very well. Is it class leading, no. But the rest of the truck is what I like better than the competition. Ram/Dodge, to me at least, is like that 40 year old girlfriend that looks like she's 25. Until you wake up one morning and your laying next to grandma. They just don't age well. At least that has been my experience.
  10. I would drive to Antarctica to buy a truck before I gave that dealer any $$.
  11. This is known in the trade as a "Jim Cap". Any plumbing supply house will have them as well. SVG (Retired Union Plumber)
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