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  1. That is the one area where the 3.0 doesn't really shine. It tends to fall off a bit at the high end. Not terrible, but if you're looking for anything close to your 6.2 power then you might be a little disappointed. I do pass sometimes on the highways here in MT and do it pretty well but I've had supercharged German sports cars where passing happened almost at will. The 3.0 is nothing like that. Everywhere else the engine really shines.
  2. A car that can drive you where you want to go can also drive you where you don't want to go, if you know what I mean. My statement reflects my belief that masses will gulp down the autonomous driving tech in the name of convenience. The same applies to digital currency. All in the name of convenience. Democracy (yes I know the US is a Constitutional Republic) is the misguided belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
  3. My 10 speed/3.0 combo is smooth as butter. Test drive one and see what you think.
  4. Would these be an upgrade over my Rancho's?? /s In for the feedback. Would love to put a set of the Multi-matics on my 21'.
  5. Thanks for the write up OP. I've got a 20' AT4 3.0 CP truck just like the one you got rid of. I have to agree with you on the black matte exhaust surrounds and the 20 CP gray wheels. I think I like the front end better on mine vs. the refreshed model as well. The interior though is no contest. They really did a fantastic job on the new trucks. Enjoy the new truck! And maybe post a few pics too.
  6. My normal tow with my boat (~5K) is usually no more than 40 miles each way. I've got a number of lakes very close to me. So I never really notice any gross increase in DEF consumption in doing that. The one time I noticed a massive increase in DEF consumption was when I was driving back to MT from Phoenix. I hit a massive snow storm in Wyoming with serious head winds. The truck was working harder than normal to maintain highway speeds due to this. The tuck never felt under powered though. About midnight, in a blizzard, I get a low DEF message. Wonderful. I was able to find a gas station in Crow Agency, MT. I can't remember exactly how much I put in but I was into the second jug for sure. The consensus with these 3.0's is that they sip DEF during normal driving but chug it during towing.
  7. I'd bring the issue up the next time your in the dealership. If you don't ask the answer is always no.
  8. I'll second @Anacortes Army Guy in using a second trailer. Or a second truck to hook up to your trailer. I had the same issue with a brand new boat trailer. My Ol' 96' Dodge would work the brakes and lights but my then new 21' GMC wouldn't actuate the EOH brakes?? After much hair pulling I found out about a HBA-CAM module. When I called their manufacturer they were aware of the issue. Since installed my GMC works like it should. Might be worth a phone call. Hydrastar HBA-CAM Installation Sheet.pdf
  9. I would take it back to the dealer and make them get it right. When they finally get it right, or near right, I'd trade that sucker in on a new rig. Even though I am very happy with my current GMC truck, if I felt abused by GM like you've been, I would probably be looking at a different manufacturer. Or you could take a less emotional stance and realize all manufacturers spit out a lemon every now and then. Honestly, with the amount of miles you put on a vehicle, I'd take a look at a refreshed 3.0 Duramax.
  10. When I was shopping trucks last year (Ford & GMC, no Dodge, I already have one) the massaging seats in the Ford almost made me get that truck. In the end the 3.0/10 speed combo won me over to GMC (yes I know Ford has a 10 speed as well).
  11. OP, I had a custom welded aluminum boat trailer built last year. My AT4 wouldn't actuate the EOH brakes. After much pulling of hair (that is a diminishing asset) I found that some truck's don't play well with some brake systems. Once I added an HBA-CAM to my boat trailer all things worked as they should. If you have electric only brakes than this may be of no use to you. HBA-CAM .pdf
  12. I pull my ~5,000 Lb. boat with zero drama with my AT-4. I have 20" wheels with Goodyear Territories. Don't know how much difference they make but I'm very happy with the towing experience. I've also got a bagged 3/4 ton 12V Cummins for the heavy lifting. For a daily driver the GMC is much more comfortable.
  13. Sounds to me like your seal blows when are passing somebody. Maybe drive in the slow lane?? Just kidding OP. Hope you can find out what's causing this.
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