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  1. They're not available anymore but I purchased 3 lifetime plans many years ago. There was a time when BK was a possibility so it wasn't a sure thing at the time.
  2. Two things I thought of when I first saw the Avalanche. Those plastic C-Pillars are going to look lovely after a few years of UV bombardment. The cab must get dusty as hell when the mid-gate is open. Only #2 would apply to the new electric Silverado. Overall I think it looks pretty good. Not crazy about the C-Pillars but not a deal breaker. 400 miles is getting close to acceptable for me. $105K is way more than I want to spend though.
  3. Try turning off the lane keep assist feature. I had the same wandering sensation you describe and since turning the LKA off for most of my driving I don't notice the wandering anymore.
  4. I've got a complete set from a little shop in Montana. https://headwatersseatcovers.com/
  5. Personally, I think the tech is pretty cool. But this is just the next incremental step to fully autonomous driving imo.
  6. We've got deer all over here too. Nice to be amongst wildlife but it sure can be problematic for driving. Sucks to damage a vehicle. I had a car totaled because of this. Loved that car too. I've got this bumper guard on my truck so it won't be happening to it. OP, if you constantly dodging wildlife a bumper guard might be a good investment.
  7. I purchased mine NIB from a private party for $500 in California earlier this year fwiw.
  8. If you want truly pathetic headlights I will nominate my 96' Dodge Ram CTD. Every vehicle I've purchased since has always had the top tier headlight package. I like the LED headlights in my 21' Sierra. Are the as good as my last Audi? No. But the automatic high beams make it work well imo.
  9. I have them and like them very much. As said above, install is not hard at all. But for $58 I'd probably have the dealer do it if it was convenient for me.
  10. I've had good results with Adam's Graphene coating. Yes, done properly there is a lot of prep work. None of it is too hard just time consuming. Definitely not snake oil. *No affiliation with Adam's beyond being a satisfied customer. I've used it on three different vehicles all with great results.
  11. Another vote for ceramic coating. It's so far superior to wax. Also Paint Protection Film.
  12. I'm in complete agreement with you. I didn't really care for all the chrome on the Denali when I was looking to buy. Just a personal preference, not throwing shade at any Denali owners. But I do like the look of the new Denali Ultimate. I think the interior is a huge upgrade. At first glance I believe I like the exterior styling of my 21' over the new styling. One of the things I absolutely loved on the F-150 Limited I test drove was the massaging seats. Nice to see GM step up to the plate there. All in all, I'll be sticking with what I've got.
  13. OP, I'd go with paint protection film. In fact I did on my own truck. Partial hood, front bumper, A-pillars, partial roof, door cups, door edges, partial fenders. $975
  14. Here is the page from my 2021 owners manual that talks about the trailer sensing. It says there is battery management software to protect the battery from discharging. Maybe earlier year trucks don't have this feature? Not sure. 2021-gmc-sierra-1500-owners-manual copy.pdf
  15. I'd put some shrink wrap tubing around it and fire up the heat gun. Shouldn't come apart then and if you ever do need to get it apart you can just cut the tubing off.
  16. I don't have any current facts to back up my position at the moment but I'd be shocked if the trailer monitoring system draws that much power to make a good battery discharge that much. One thing to remember, there is a trailer alarm setting that will set off the alarm if someone disconnects your trailer, presumably in an attempt to steal it.
  17. Completely normal as stated above. First time I saw it happening I thought WTF??
  18. I had a chance to do some trail breaking on some snow covered forest service roads last winter and the tires did pretty good. Not dedicated snow tire good but still not bad. I did not get a chance to drive on any icy roads as it was late in the winter here in Montana. I do like the tires. If they have a reasonable lifespan I'll probably replace with the same.
  19. This ^^^ As for the no-start 3.0 issue, its happened to me twice in 12,5xx miles. There is supposed to be a software update to address this coming out. I wouldn't let the no-start scare you from the 3.0. It's a fantastic drive train. Take one for a test drive (if you can find one).
  20. I had a supercharged V-6 in my Audi S4. It was strong stock, gobs of torque everywhere. Engine/Tranny tune made it even better. Drove like a big block. I had to show a newer Challenger what's what a few years ago.
  21. My truck is an AT4 CP, but this pic should still give you an idea of what it would look like on your truck.
  22. I thought I remember reading that there was a software update to address the 'Full Fan Syndrome'? Either way your point is spot on.
  23. I ordered a complete set (front & rear seats) from this company. https://headwatersseatcovers.com/ I haven't received them yet as they are a few months out on work. They were recommended to me by a friend here in MT that is a contractor with a few trucks. He swears by them.
  24. I always run dedicated winter tires when the water gets hard here in Montana. I have run, and still run one set, of Nokian Hakkepelitta's on my 12V Dodge Ram. Quite likely the best winter tires made. I have been looking for a second set of wheels for my AT4 so I can have a winter set. Trying to find a set of reasonably priced CarbonPro wheels was proving difficult. I found this set of non-CP wheels & tires about 250 miles away. I picked them up yesterday. The tires are Hankook iPike RWT's. Supposed to be a decent snow tire.
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