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  1. Joe, that’s very irritating. I’m waiting on parts as well. The service rep at the dealership told me that it’s always the same cylinder and that they haven’t had any need to come back for service after repairs. Unfortunately that’s less than two years of results to pull from.
  2. The results are in. Two bent push rods on the same cylinder. Apparently they have had several 2020/2021 trucks with the same cylinder getting bent push rods. That makes no sense to me why it would be the same cylinder on these trucks but I'm well educated on it. Should I be worried about any long term concerns with this repair? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks everyone for the thoughts so far. It will be sometime next week before I get more solid information on the diagnosis. I will be sure to post the details once I find them out. I’m waiting on a loaner. They don’t have any at the dealership. I’m trying to work with GMC customer service to get one through Enterprise in the mean time. Ridiculous. I am supposed to be able to get one if they have the vehicle over 24 hours.
  4. I bought a brand new 2021 Sierra 1500 2WD SLT at the end of November last year. It has already had multiple strange issues and yesterday it had a major mechanical issue. Check engine light flashing, multiple error messages popping up and a major vibration/shaking issue at idle. It felt like it was about to die. I got it straight to the dealership. They think that it has a bent push rod and lifter and they aren't sure about the cam. Something similar happened to my 2010 Avalanche with 180,000 miles on it, not 8000! That's the reason I got rid of my Avalanche and bought a new car. I was tired of
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