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  1. Yeah, the backup lights are intense. Love them, makes a great light for the reverse camera. They are on the more expensive side of LED's that you can buy. But they are definitely quality. Which is what I'm going for on the new vehicle. And the price isn't insane, just compared to LED's that you could buy.
  2. Yeah didn't know HID LED Headlights meant the upgrade to the blinkers. Now just have to try to return part of the package I got from Lasfit. Got the LT Trailboss package that came with LED's for license plate, backup lights and Turn signal. Awesome lights btw, the backup lights are insane. Now I'm seeing if I can just return the blinkers since they were the majority of the price. I'm sure I'll be able to work something out with them. I was dumb for not checking before hand, but everything I saw with Trail Boss' online were the same.
  3. @Tansient DUDE!! Thank you!! I was not planning on getting a midnight edition but due to current stock, it was the only options they had. I knew some of the items the package came with but did not know that it changed the front blinker lol. I had been looking up every other reason for the difference besides midnight edition. You rock!
  4. Hello All, New to this site, just bought a new 2021 Silverado LT Trail Boss a few weeks ago. One of the first things I am doing to this truck is upgrading the few halogen bulbs that GM decided to keep on it. The Rear backup and license plate lights all went super smooth, no issue. But when I went to remove the front blinker bulb from the housing I was faced with a different configuration than what I've seen. The place where you would normally find the circular grip for twisting out the bulb has a small hex head there in place, and it does not look to actually come apart (Please see attached picture). I think that I might have a different blinker than what normally comes with this trim (and I think it may already be LED) but I am unable to find anything online that resembles or mentions this configuration. I am only able to find the typical bulb backing which does not match mine. Does anyone have insight to this or possibly know what kind of blinker I have? I have included a picture of the back of the blinker as well as the light housing itself as I think it too looks slightly different than others I have seen. Thanks in advance!
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