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  1. Smitdog I can't answer ur question directly but I owe a 2013, I bought used that had some sort of leveling kit on it. I caught the itch to go high so I did. Bought the 7" Superlift suspension lift kit and installed it in my driveway. I'm no mechanic! But as a construction trades welder I had the tools to be confident I could install it and I did. RC price wise is the cheapest brand. That alone scares me just a bit. Ask as many knowledgeable people as you can. Body kits are very easy too. I shop at Amer. Trucks. Good Luck!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new here, I'm even new to forums period! I'm looking to replace my exhaust system on my '13 Silverado 1500. The old one rusted away. I agree with others that I have 3 cats. I plan to gut or cut off #3cat. Reinstall the flex pipe and run 3" not 2.5" straight back to a muffler I need help choosing. What's the most aggressive sounding muffler to buy? Flowmaster Super 10? Btw I am a welder. Truck is lifted 7"s
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