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  1. not sure if you found the issue. I no you said you replaced the alternator. I was just dealing with this myself. Not sure where you got the alternator from. But I went through two from Orieliys and they were bad in 3 weeks one was reman and after I got it installed I was having the issue. I got them to warranty it even though it tested fine on their machine for a brand new one and it did the same thing. It was over charging my system. The alt was pushing 15+ volts. I picked up a reman from Napa got it installed and it looks like hopefully that fixed my issue. So don't rule out new prod
  2. So this is for the people that look up issues on forums and the OP never posts what the fix was. So this is for them. I'm hoping I have the issue solved. Today I took the truck to the only Napa we have in town cause I was driving by and thought why not have someone else look at it. Got a pretty knowledgeable guy behind the counter to help me. He brought the tester out and he hooked up the truck. fired it up and he scanned the truck. My brand new alt from Orieliys not reman but new only a week or so old was putting out 15+ volts he had me run the truck for a while to get over the initial
  3. So I went out and looked for more grounds. Found one more I had not cleaned. I cleaned it up. I’m sure there are more I missed but I can’t find any more. Light bar is unplugged. I turned on the heat and defrost to make sure I was drawing power. I could rev it up and get the lights to flicker a bit. I push on the brakes lights dim. Fan kicks on headlights almost disappeared. I can push the brakes a few times headlight pulse a bit. No matter what I do headlights flicker and it pulse. So even though the alt is new could it not be working correctly. Or could it be the battery. Those are the
  4. I swapped the big 3 last night. That is why i started this thread. I was hoping it was a bad ground and when I was done and I didn't even get out of my drive way and my lights strobed I figured it was not those. Brand new 2 AWG for the ground from the block to the battery and from the frame to the battery. and from the positive to the alt.
  5. I disconnected it this morning and will see what that does. you are correct it is an LED. But it has its own relay. It has been on the truck since I have bought it and I have never had this issue until about 3 weeks ago. I still have it unplugged but I'm not sure how something like that would take a year to mess with my normal headlights. and of course I don't know if my head lights flicker pulsate when I have my fog lights no due to the light bar over powering them . But none the less I got it unplugged this morning. and will continue to check things out.
  6. So that is a no on the switch. But what about a bad relay. would that cause an issue. I pulled the low beam one out and it looks good. But would that affect the dome light at idle. Am I back looking for a bad ground. Could a ground at the back for the tail lights cause an issue like this. I don't think I have checked the one from the cab to the frame. Cant seem to locate it. would a multimeter work. don't have access to a oscilloscope.
  7. Could a bad headlight switch cause this. I looked them up and saw that the headlight switch is the same switch for the fog lights and dome light. But if that was all bad wouldn't cause my dash lights to flicker as well. I don't have any flickering going on in my dash lights.
  8. New here. first post. having some headlight issues. I have a 2013 Silverado 1500 z71. it is stock as far as the radio goes and electronics. The only add on I have is a light bar in the bumper and it is wired into my fog lights was there when I bought the truck. History\back story. I have owned the truck for a little over a year now. The voltage drop thing was new to me. On a road trip I saw my voltage drop. I didn't look up any info on it I just replaced the alt. Got a remanufactured one from Orilieys 160 amp. and the voltage was back up above the 14 so I drove for almo
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