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  1. A buddy of mine I just saw this past weekend had a white Premier Tahoe and lifters went out early at 4k ish. Said he made a big deal with GM corporate and ordered a High Country with his preferred options for similar price. Sucks but glad ya’ll got it worked out.
  2. I’d like to know as well. Been considering getting a rear media and also have the pano roof on my RST. I am glad I didn’t get the OEM RES because of the bad reviews and limitations it has. Not sure if it’s too soon for good aftermarket systems for media being out yet on these rigs but am keeping my eyes and ears open. On the plus side my kids use their iPads anyway and have mobile hotspot so even the truck WiFi seems overkill for me at this time.
  3. On the same boat for my RST. kinda sucks that it’s standard now on all 22’s well the front sensors at least. I want to do both I’m sure there is a way just need to figure out how to connect the camera wiring to the head unit.
  4. That is what x pipes do, quite down the sound quite a lot. I think the Y pipe may have been a better option.
  5. Cool, thanks luckily it’s on a vid I pulled from another forum. I asked here because at first to me it sounded like injectors similar to this video at 5:20+
  6. can you confirm is this the lifter sound of a possible issue? This is on a 2021 Tahoe with the 5.3 https://youtu.be/4XMoY7Y1e1k
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