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  1. Cool!! I know what you mean. I know what I want it to look like, but I don’t know which setup is the setup to get that perfect look (for me). The challenge is you have one shot at getting the look right…cuz you can’t return them. Keep me posted. And good move on the UCAs.
  2. I’m seeing guys putting 285/65/20’s on here too. For the life of me, I just can’t see how they don’t have to cut or trim. You have a leveling kit for an AT4, or leveling kit for non AT4? Please post how your tire fitment goes on your truck.
  3. NerdStrong, I think it’s closer to a 295/60R20, too (your 1st guess). I think 285/65R20 (34.5”) would require some serious trimming.
  4. Yeah, they seem too wide for stock tires…20’s or 18’s. I was hoping this was someone’s truck here who could tell me. And they don’t seem stock, because they seem to be Nitto’s, and probably not KO’s… even though BFG’s AT’s are what I want. The truck in the photo appears to have a 1 upsize tire. Wish I knew what it was.
  5. Anyone know, or want to best guess this tire size? It looks leveled, and looks like up-sized tires. not sure if there are wheel spacers. I would like this exact setup. I just can’t remember where I found this photo. I have the same truck…currently running Icon 3 1/2 level (1 1/2” added to AT4) with UCA’s and rear Icon shocks…with 1 1/4” wheel spacers with stock 20 tires/wheels. Thanks!!!
  6. I just had an alignment (my 2nd) after the 1000 mile break-in service of the Icon suspension leveling kit install. I noticed wear on the tire after the 2nd alignment….and only 200 miles of driving. i think they raised the front 4”+. I think it creates bad angles and even a perfect alignment won’t fix that. Going back to 4 wheel parts to lower the front an inch, which will make my truck level. And thank you for the info on the AWD mode. I did not see that. Thank you much!!!!!!
  7. Yes, you are correct…for me…with stock tires…I need to be no more than 40” to be level. Larger tires changes everything. My bad. i just assumed incorrectly that we were talking stock tires.
  8. 2” block will help you, but it still may sit nose high. It all depends how high they cranked the front up. Your front wheel well should be no more than 40” to stay in Icons recommended range. The Icon front strut is adjustable from “1 1/2 to 3 1/2”, but it will also adjust higher with more turns, hence putting stress on CV angles, etc…. At this moment, I think 4 Wheel Parts has it cranked up 4 to 4 1/4 inches…since stock non AT4 height is 37”. I’m at 41+. And I’m already getting excessive wear on the outer edge of the right side front tire. 1200 miles on odometer. No bueno. And… When driving in AWD mode it makes a VERY strained sound upon heavier acceleration. I read somewhere on here that the excessive lift could be stressing the transfer case, differential, CV axle, CV joints, but I don’t know what that means…I know nothing about suspensions. I just don’t know what the fix is. I only drive it in 2WD mode for now until I get the front lowered more, and hope it resolves the problem.
  9. Looking for wheel well height on stock 1500 AT4. If you are “leveled”, what are your heights? I just got icon’s “leveling” kit (1 1/2-3 1/2” adjustable), WITH the Icon rear shocks. I made the mistake of not checking stock measurements before install. My heights with Icon level are: front right: 41” front left: 40 3/4” Rears: 40” Truck is going back to 4 Wheel Parts to lower the fronts. AND, at these heights, the truck is NOT happy driving in AWD mode, especially on acceleration. Thanks for any help.
  10. https://youtu.be/5bpnCXBcq8 This video saved me from the same problem you are having.
  11. Those with a stock AT4. What are y’all’s stock wheel well height stock, and/or what are your wheel well heights with your leveling kit? Front and rears, please. I forgot to measure before installing Icon leveling kit. I have an AT4. I installed Icon leveling kit, UCA’s and rear Icon shocks. After 1000 mile break-in, 4 Wheel Parts did final adjustment, after “settling”. My rear height is 40”, and my front height is 41” (left) and 40 3/4 (right). It seems my front right tire is already getting excess wear on outer edge of tire. Also, truck is NOT happy driving in AWD upon acceleration since the lift. installed at 4 wheel Parts.
  12. Good info. I appreciate it! I need to further investigate!
  13. The part #19417166 specifically says not compatible with IOS system. And I have the IOS system. But thank you for responding.
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