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  1. Is this still available? these are plug and play? Located in Fort Worth TX.
  2. Dang, GM really screwed us on this lol. If you have a backseat that has the usb ports in the center you can just tap into those for 12V. You could probably find out what the harness plug is for the ports in the back and use that. the wireless charging that is made aftermarket for our trucks pretty much do the same thing. They built a harness that would plug into the back ports and then made a wireless charging pad that fits in the mount. It would be the same concept though. You could "splice" Quick splice tap or you could build your own harness. either would work.
  3. I am willing to bet that if you unplugged the ports in the dash, the one in the console would work. You should try it. would be interested to know.
  4. So you were technically able to add it, your screen just got stuck with the bowtie on the screen? That is unfortunate. You may be able to extend the one from the dash to the console and wire the dash one as a regular 12V. I have a 2021 Elevation and want the USB ports in the center console also and am having trouble coming up with an idea of how to. If you want just 12V thats pretty simple. Data ports are different. Thanks for doing it and letting me know that the extension harness doesnt work. I would bet that your system is registering it as 2 data ports which isnt programmed to do which could be causing your freeze up.
  5. curious on how to add usb ports in center also but for data usb ports.
  6. Would like to do this exact same thing, however the solution isnt really clear to me since it is all text. Tried to add center console port as a data port from the front USB via splicing, etc. didnt work. So your solution was that u used the front usb port and pushed it in and connected it behind the dash? I am a little confused as I've been trying to find a way to make a harness for this. I am sure you can make a harness and tap into the front USB and connect it to a USB port purchased to add into the center console? Do you have pictures of this install? Thanks.
  7. I want to run one in my center console. But I dont want to do any splicing. Do you know the harness number or the connect? I know how to build harnesses so if i knew the connector numbers I could easily build the harness.
  8. recently did mine on my 2021 elevation. I am sure its the same process. it is plug and play.
  9. Is the switch already in the visor? Yes there is constant 12V in the overhead console, but how would u turn it off?
  10. It could be but I was going over the wiring diagram and couldnt find anything on it. I was referencing the 10way pin and the colors on the pin numbers. couldnt find anything even close.
  11. I just installed homelink, and had to pull my old console down, and noticed the unused harness. no rear sliding window.
  12. I am sure you could somehow tap into the USB Ports up front hopefully with some type of harness. The part number for the USB/SD receptacle is 13529862. If we could get a harness made with the correct connectors on both ends, I am sure it will be a good install. I dont think this harness comes from the factory or GM parts. I was curious and checked the hole (with a boroscope) where the ports are supposed to be maybe to find a harness unplugged/not used with no luck.
  13. Needing some help. The overhead Console in my 21 Elevation has 3 wire harnesses (2 to the console and 1 unplugged). I am wondering what is the unplugged harness for? I see that in the Denali it is plugged up to something. Keep in mind I dont have power rear view mirror or a sunroof or HUD. I am trying to find out what the harness is for. I am wanting to tap into it for my radar instead of wiring to the fusebox. I dont have a multimeter with me at the moment and was wondering if anyone knew? Was referencing: as to the harness was plugged. my elevation has it plugged to nothing. So far I've Concluded that red/green is battery + Voltage. Black is ground. Not sure about the others. I am pretty sure this is powered but like i said no voltmeter atm. Thanks.
  14. https://www.gmupfitter.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/20_Sierra_1500_Electrical_Body_Buil-1.pdf schematic is here.
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