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  1. I am also having this same problem on my 2015 SIERRA. Gmc customer care is useless. They have ghosted me on two seperate occasions now I will not even bother contacting them on this issue. The volume goes all the way up on its own. I've tried everything. Truck was bought new by me, it has 120k miles now. I've replaced the transmission once at my cost because gm said it was fine...... had lifters replaced for the afm after leaving me stranded and losing 4 cylinders, a/c condenser replaced (bad welds), driver seat covers replaced twice for tearing (I'm only 200lbs), had to the dealer twice now for being stuck in 4 wheel drive to have computer reflashed, the rear right leaf spring came apart about 20k miles, the transfer case has so much play in it, clunks going in and out of gear. When doing my very first brake job at only 20k miles it was realized the calipers were installed in factory with absolutely NO GREASE on the caliper pins, causing the premature wear. My mother has a Denali with the same radio as my sierra and it has already been replaced by dealer for around $2k. Been a gm guy my whole life and been happy with that decision but these new trucks are garbage. And gm customer care doest care at all...time to make a change. I'll bet the steering wheel controls are the issue here, probably in the steering column. Yay
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