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  1. Hey guys, I currently have a 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 slt. I recently installed the readylift 4 inch bolt on lift and I see that the max tire size is 295/55 with a 20x9 rim 0 offset. I want to keep my stock wheels which are a 20x9 +28 offset and I’m wanting to put new tires on but I’m unsure what tire size I can go up to. Due to the new control arms I can’t go much wider without it rubbing. I don’t want to use wheel spacers , have to do a lot of cutting/trimming, or buy rims just yet. I currently have 275/60 on stock gmc rims Is anyone running stock 20 inch rims with a 4 inch lift? If so, what tire size do you recommend? Pics would be super helpful
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