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  1. use a scan tool to measure crank voltage or do it by hand with a dvm at starter
  2. can still be a/c, pully is still turning
  3. how do the locks work in regular mode. I have one that is weak in the winter
  4. two dif fob's for that year, one will work, one won't. how are you entering programming mode?
  5. ohm out the bat neg to frame ground. with it un hooked
  6. New Tire Size Inquiry

    will be roughly 10mm shorter then your stock tires
  7. Heated Seat Button

    mine was a cold solder joint on the switch
  8. Add usb to radio

    it could be done if you added usb hardware and firmware to your radio. then you would need memory for your buffer and a pic controller piggyback to keep the bus and memory addresses in order. next a digital to analog converter followed by a pre amp stage to feed your radio. not worth the effort, but hey...it can be done
  9. Fan Rubbing Shroud 05' 2500

    motor mounts
  10. leave key in ign/run postion. jump starter solenoid with screw driver.
  11. sounds like you should have used a delco pump. that one sounds bad
  12. 5.3 Idle Surge

    what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. is the belt you put on a little too long. I have seen that before
  14. pull belts and spin your alt and what not by hand. rember to do ac also

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