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  1. the rubber brake lines collapse internally and cause your sytem of brake not releasing. and pull codes for abs. did you clean where the new sensor is attached. make sure there is no rust
  2. evap vent solenoid or its line is plugged
  3. replace the entire uoc, you get all new bushings that way. I would recommend doing lower bushings as well.
  4. resync the remotes by holding down lock/unlock on remote from outside truck for 7 sec or until you hear the locks cycle
  5. for your info, pwm is not an ac signal. still dc that is pulsed from 12 to 0 volts rapidly. it can be used to change the speed of a d/c motor and such things by varing the frequency of the modulation
  6. use a scan tool to measure crank voltage or do it by hand with a dvm at starter
  7. how do the locks work in regular mode. I have one that is weak in the winter
  8. two dif fob's for that year, one will work, one won't. how are you entering programming mode?
  9. will be roughly 10mm shorter then your stock tires
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