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  1. check that piston that was hard to push back, it maybe stuck due to debris in caliper. this will give you a spongey pedal
  2. carnau, are you looking at a different schemetic then what is in this thread. those fuses are only hot in the run postion
  3. look at your starter relay with ign switch plug disconnected
  4. no, you can't interchange parts except for maybe some bearings but you should be using new ones anyway
  5. high pressure switch will send a signal to ecm/bcm to command fans to high. it is your most likely is your issue
  6. i bet if he put a fuel pressure gauge on it we would know. I have never seen a 2000 with f/a ratio
  7. lean will not give a low voltage fault. check wiring and connecter
  8. check vss on t-case and the cable to it
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