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  1. could be the wires from the door to the body where they flex
  2. i think that there is a junction box above your spare tire for the rear harness, have a look there
  3. try doing a fob relearn. unsure of the procedure with that year
  4. scan tool not connecting is most likey broken data lines at the back of the obd!! port. if it starts the scan tool that tells me your obd!! pwr and gnd wires are good. that leaves the data lines
  5. you bet. many ways to do it. let us know what your thinking
  6. clean the lock button on key fobs. I use contact cleaner on a soft rag
  7. I put the 130 on my 99 5.3. used the same belt and tensioner is in an acceptable position
  8. most likey broken wires between frame and door
  9. take some laser temp readings on input rad hose and output rad hose, state your temp drop
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