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  1. Very sensitive electrical system. I haven't had the chance to see where I can tap the led lights without causing any issues.
  2. Well, turns out that by using a fuse tap on fuse 41 to power the O'Reilly led amber lights on the grill, it somehow affected the tail light. I decided to remove the tap and re-installed the fuse to see if that was the cause, sure enough, the tail light is working. I'm thinking somehow the minimal current drop (taken by the amber grill lights) caused a malfunction. I followed the instructions from someone in this forum to tap fuse 41 but that caused the problem. Very interesting, indeed.
  3. True but it should be replaced under warranty. No sense in spending the money.
  4. I called the dealership and they said it is probably a bad lamp assembly and they need to replace the whole thing. The problem is that the tail light is on backorder and eta is longer than 6 weeks. Now I'm stuck with a non functional tail lamp and can be cited at any time.
  5. This morning a coworker let me know that the rear right tail light (constant led on when headlamps are on) isn't working. Turn signals and break lights work. Anyone has had this issue and is there a way to fix it before having to go through the hassle of taking it to the dealer? By the way, I searched and didn't find the answer hence the question. Thanks.
  6. Never mind. I just realized that they only turn on when the headlights are on. I had a brain fart.
  7. I installed a set of the O'Reilly LED and it was pretty simple and look good. I tapped fuse 42. The issue I'm having is that they turn on when I unlock the truck and start the truck but they turn off a few minutes later. From what I gather fuse #42 and #34 are for parking lamps. Anyone having this issue? I will attempt to tap fuse #40 misc. ignition to see if they stay on.
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