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  1. Sounds like you're having the G218 Ground issue. Here is a video with the fix. People with this issue have the same complaints. Its easy enough that you could do it yourself too
  2. Torque converter. My torque converter was failing and was the same thing while driving though. My trans has now completely failed and everythings burned up. I would advise getting it looked into and fixed asap and dont wait around for it. I need a new trans in my truck.
  3. I have a 2014 Silverado, non-bose speakers are in it. When i bought it, there were no door chimes, turn signal sounds, seatbelt chimes etc. The volume on them is all the way up. Also when i purchased it the driver side dash speaker didnt work at all. Now lately, the driver side door speaker stopped working as well. They didnt crackle or give off any indication of anything, at least the door speaker didnt im not sure about the dash. All of the other speakers work fine, bluetooth and the radio work fine. its just those two speakers and all of the different chimes that dont work. Its not the battery, i replaced it in August. The door speaker stopped working a few months after the battery was replaced. Trucks not under warranty, and currently disabled due to the transmission grenading itself and having to get it replaced. But after replacing the trans i want it to be fully working for a while. If anyone has any insight, thoughts, or suggestions that would be great, thank you in advance!
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