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  1. Take offs from under 10k miles. These are factory OEM, not replicas. Excellent condition, no scratches/finish issues except one has the tiniest of nicks as shown in the close up. Bright and shiny as shown. Includes Chevy center caps plus a full set of chromed lug nuts (32) and a set of wheel locks also included (with proper key). This are option code PYV for 2015-2019 HD pickups, but the lug pattern should fit back to the 2011 model year. This 10 spoke pattern replaced the previous 8 spoke matte finish. Wheels are part number 22909148/84397983. Asking $850 shipped to the lower 48. Electronic payment ok if you cover fees. Located in Southern NJ and willing to discount for pickup (TBD based on location of pickup). Send PM or e-mail. Thanks for looking!
  2. Price dropped to $325 or best offer, thanks for looking!
  3. These are still available, garage kept, open to offers!
  4. Have a pair of used factory Aux Switches for K2XX trucks, part number 23145191. These include switches for Traction Control, Cargo Bed Lamps, Hill Descent Control, and Aux 1-4. These are in very good condition, but will show some minor use. I would rate these at 95%. Fully functional. Great if you are replacing a set of worn or damaged switches, or working on installing the Aux switches from a mod thread on this board. Located in NJ, but will ship for free, $30/each. Send PM, thanks for looking!
  5. Like new, taken off a brand new truck, drove it home and took them off (swapped for a set of 4" black tube steps), been sitting in a box in garage for a couple of months, ready to move these. GM 22805436. (The part numbers shown in the pics are for the tubes only, pass and driver side.) They will fit K2XX crew cab trucks (2014-2018 1500 and 2015-2019 2500/3500 gas). Includes brand new installation hardware. These would fit a 2500/3500 diesel truck, but you need a different hardware set as a result of the DEF tank. $375 for these. Located near Atlantic City, NJ. Willing to meet within about an hour's drive. Also willing to ship. (They are already packed up in the packaging the replacement black steps came as seen in the pics.) I will charge actual shipping cost minus $50. Can take electronic payment methods (PP, Venmo) or willing to take a USPS money order, or if meeting in person, cash. Send PM, thanks for looking!
  6. Not sure about the model year difference...from the Wi-fi menu, the next button you are looking for is "Manage Wi-fi Networks". It is from that button that you would then see your hotspot as an available network. If you don't have "Manage Wi-fi Networks", then it may not be an option.
  7. Are you using for phone as the hotspot and is the hotspot feature turned on on your phone?
  8. From the home screen of your infotainment system, click the gear icon for settings, then scroll down to the Wi-fi option...
  9. The 600 lumen lights are considerably smaller...3 leds in a single row...i have them on a backrack used as cargo lights...if used as reverse lights under the bumper it would be a smaller footprint...but not sure how far you hope to illuminate...
  10. you mean down? because they are well recessed under bumper...the light is even with tip of exhaust...
  11. I have a pair of 1600 lumens led rectangular floods under of my rear bumper. I purchased them from Strobes n More (looks like the x1600 I purchased is presently out of stock), but they do have 600 lumens and 3100 lumens models right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLED6lCgAf4 I was able to attach the U bracket to the existing bolt under the bumper, probably just a bit outboard of the mid point, so I didn't need to do any drilling, but it won't be exactly centered which you seem to want. I purchased a 7 pin wiring harness extension kit also, to tap in to for power. Behind the rear number, you can remove the existing plug from your 7 pin harness, and then this has 2 parts, one that connects to your truck wiring and the other that plugs into the back of the 7 pin receptacle on the bumper. There is then a pigtail end that you can use to tie in for power, this is the same product as the $35 extra wiring harness that you can order from the factory but will be cheaper aftermarket. End result was 3200 lumens of lights on my back bumper that will come on when in reverse, and I had to do zero drilling and no cutting of factory wires on the truck.
  12. It is a 2 step process. The first step is on the phone side. You need to enable the "mobile hotspot" feature of the phone, assuming your plan allows it. There will be other options associated with mobile hotspot, including specifying what devices are allowed to connect and what the password is. You should check with your carrier to get the info. But at a minimum, before you do anything truck side, you need to - ensure you have mobile hotspot functionality on your plan (if you have data, most likely yes), know how to turn it on, know what the "name" of the hotspot is, know what the password is, and know how to allow all/certain devices to connect. Once you know the hotspot is on, then you go to your infotainment and go to the Wifi settings. You want to look for the name of your device. When you connect to it the first time, you will need to enter the password for it. The truck should remember the password. Once you have that stored, as long as Wifi is turned on on the truck, every time you have the mobile hotspot on within range of the truck, the truck will connect, pretty much just like bluetooth does for phone/text. At that point, the truck can do everything data related as if it was using it's own connection. Hope that helps some. If not, I would suggest you contact your carrier about how to use mobile hotspot, and then stop in to a local dealer to discuss how to connect to an external wifi source.
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