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  1. Only 4 years late Anyone have a set of Brownstone metallic doorhandles they want to sell?
  2. Anyone know how much approximately, I should be looking at if I do an engine rebuild for the 5.3 and also do the tranny at the same time? I would of course want to give it some upgrades to get rid of the AFM/DOD but not looking to go crazy. Would you rebuild 5.3 or would you look for a crate/used?
  3. Yeah, it looks a little different than the Linskwell Brand I had installed in mine. That is where I kind of ended up, if you like android and have andriod and like tinkering then you probably would like it. It had so much more room for expansion that I didn't tap either. I am really happy though with the Apple Car Play upgrade, I bit the bullet and bought the new HMI, Radio and Denali cluster from WAMS, got it, took all of 1 hour to put all three in, they went in without an issue and started working the second they turned on.
  4. I bought the truck the end of April last year and only have put on around 5K miles, I work from home and don't put a lot of miles on this right now.
  5. It is all stock as far as I know, what parts would you swap out for the AFM? I intend on turning off the AFM once I get the Diablo, but would I still need to replace the parts?
  6. Yep, I realize that 140,000 isn't considered high mileage anymore, but that is pretty much the point of this discussion, I don't want to be in a position where I have a truck that is in need of an engine and not yet have a plan or an idea of what I am going to do. I want to have a plan and be ready for when that day comes or when I choose. On the 6.2 swap, is that something that I can just go buy a complete 6.2 and drop in, or is that a 6.2, computer, tranny etc.....? I just got the truck and so far of all the GMs that I have owned it is by far the one I like the most and am not looking to sell it right now. I am looking for later when it comes time to do the engine. I also like this body style, not really impressed with the looks of anything past 2018 either, certainly not for the money and I think that given this will be paid off in a few years, it will be more cost effective to start replacing other stuff, really the truck is in excellent condition, based on looking at it, you wouldn't think it has 140,000 miles on it, and that goes for most of the truck.
  7. I have looked through the conversations on this site but didn't find anything specific YET on my question so I thought I would ask the group and hopefully someone here would be able to provide some discussion on this topic. I have a 2015 I just picked up this last summer, it is a High Country with the 5.3 and now has 140,000 Miles on the odometer. There are a few ticky tacky issues but overall the truck is in excellent condition, interior, exterior etc...... I currently don't see any issues in the drivetrain, the engine runs fine doesn't burn oil or smoke, I just picked up a Diablo Trinity 2 Tuner waiting for it in the mail. I have noticed a vibration in the trans, more of a "cavitation" feel when driving around 40MPH and just coast without load. Don't think this is a huge issue yet. When I had the truck inspected by a Mechanic, the only thing at some point I need to address is the rear main seal is leaking a little bit. My question, at some point I want to address the high mileage and want to know what is the best route to go. Take it in and have it rebuilt? Buy a crate Motor to replace it? Sell the truck and buy a new one? I would like to consider upgrades like adding more power through adding a super charger etc....but would rather not have to replace the tranny/transfer case, so not looking to make it a 1000HP. I am really looking to figure out what my options are so I can start saving for it and planning it. Is it even worth it to rebuild the 5.3 with some upgrades? Would I need to do a lot more if I decided to drop in a 6.0/6.2? If it were your truck what would you do?
  8. Thanks, that answers my question.
  9. Why not? I am not the one selling it, he owns it and so assume he would know if you can transfer this or if I would have to pay an additional $400 to get my VIN Added.
  10. Question for you on this, reading the details about this on the Black Bear performance site, it says that it is a custom tune to your specific truck, do you know if you can transfer the ownership to get the free updates for the one vehicle?
  11. I did end up selling the Linkswell and then I went ahead and purchased the Apple Carplay upgrade from WAMS, so both the HMI and Radio with maps update, I also just bit the bullet and bought the 2016 blue Denali Gauge Cluster. It took me less than an hour to put all three in last night and I should have went this route to begin with. The 2016 Maps and interface including the CarPlay is just that extra little bit better to give me what I was looking for. Everything carried over well so far as I can tell, the Maps, traffic and weather XM Subscription seems to also be there. I really have disliked the GM navigation which is why I wanted the Carplay, but it might just be ok now, shall see on how easy it is to use.
  12. I wanted to bump this back up, been several years since anyone posted on this topic. I have a 2015 Silverado High Country. I have been looking at the Upgraded 2.5HMI, Radio and Denali Cluster from white media, that all together is around $1400. It will gret me the android/carplay with all the factory integration. Before pulling the trigger this time I thought I might see what people have and recommend, if I spend this much on the factory upgrades I might as well give consideration to just junking the BOSE. If I have read everything and understand it, since I do have the BOSE, I would need to replace the Headunit, bypass the amp and install a new one and upgrade the speakers/sub.
  13. I would actually take $1200 for everything I have, which is the radio, the Bose adapter, third brake light camrea and DVR camera. I just removed it this weekend and put back in the 8" touch screen. Ordered the Map updates today, and am picking up a Denali Cluster in a hour or so. It will be a couple of months but I will keep on the lookout for the 2.5HMI and Radio, I might just pick them up from WAMS and have the denali Cluster programmed. I will be honest, I think the BOSE system actually sounds better than this did IMHO and I have not really been a fan of the BOSE systems.
  14. @PAPER I am looking to get $1500 for the whole package, Radio, Bose Adapter, DVR Camera and Third Brake Light camera. I purchased all of these from ADCMobile.com and had them install it, I am into this around $2400 with taxes and install. I realize I am not going to get all that back. But I would also consider a trade and some cash. Once I remove this I am looking at probably going the Upgraded HMI route, so the 2.5 HMI and Radio and would like the Denali Cluster as well. I have thought about going the other head unit way, but it looks like I would have to by pass the Bose, add an amp and sub and new speakers, I am not sure I really want to do that.
  15. You still have this @corwest I might be interested and no shipping as I am in the seattle area as well.
  16. Reviving an old topic for a specific purpose. I would have liked to had a little more information when I purchased this at the end of July. If it is the Linkswell T-Style radio, yes, many places sell these units. I bought mine locally in WA and had it installed, @CheezyDeezy like you I spent a few months looking at this, and watching the various videos on-line. My reasons for upgrading, I do not like the GM Nav, I have the 8" touchscreen, and I wanted the Apple Car Play, I don't have an Android phone. I bought this in July and it is the beginning of November and I am planning on removing this, I simply do not like it. I used to be into android and modifying/customizing but I am just not into it anymore, nor do I have need for Video in Motion, the ability to watch YouTube, etc...etc...etc....most of the capabilities that make this thing cool are things that I do not or will never use. Items that irritate the crap outta me, If you have an iPhone and you plug it in, the CarLink picks it up just fine however, when you answer a phone call, CarPlay and bluetooth both pickup, seems it isn't smart enough to not answer from bluetooth when the phone is plugged in. Apparently this is only an issue for Apple and not Android phones. Because of this there are times when there is a few seconds delay in speech, either going or coming, like watching the news guys wait 7 seconds for the delay to hit them. Second, if you have sunglasses on, forget anything but looking at it head on, PITA when you are trying to drive and look at anything on the screen. Brightness at night, in the city, not really an issue but if you drive in rural areas where there are no other cars and no streetlights it is an absolute eye killer, you can't dim it or rather it doesn't dim but it is pretty easy to just shut the screen down, but again, PITA. Lastly, for me, it would be nice that when you start the truck, other than waiting for an eternity for the thing to start, it would be nice if how I arranged the screen previously, if it would still be there. I don't want to have to hop into my truck and spend 5 minutes waiting for it to start up, then arranging the screens so I can see Nav and Radio at the same time. Apparently there are ways you can do it, assuming you can set it up and then hit a shortcut or something but see statement 1, I don't have the desire anymore to customize. I like to be able to open car play and see Nav, Music and phone all on one screen by just pushing the existing layout......simple easy. It is a nice unit though. Bought the BOSE adapter for it which is specific to this radio, it retains all the factory stuff so no need to rewire or bypass the amp/sub, and it sounds pretty good without any other modifications. Maintains the steering wheel controls. Only thing you really loose other then XM if you have it is the integration into the 4" Display in the instrument cluster, so no more Navigation prompts or anything you use to get from the Radio. It has tons of stuff you can do with it, I added the DVR camera which works well and a third brake light camera, has some pretty cool stuff. Anyway, just wanted to put this here in case anyone was looking for one and wanted some more information. I will be selling all of the pieces of mine, Radio, Bose adapter, DVR camera, Third brake light camera and USB hub that I had them put in once I take it out in the next week or two.
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