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  1. She is going straight to work installing tool boxes this weekend and headed to the oil patch Tuesday morning. ..
  2. 6.0L gasser, wow massive upgrade over previous generation .especially on interior
  3. I have a 2015 GMC 3500HD crew cab long box 4x4 SLE 6.0L on order. i chose the gmc over chevrolet because I like the plastic fender flair/liner thing the GMC has..protects from rock chips I am hoping..I know the 2010 3500 I have the rear fender lips are beat to crap from gravel roads..
  4. my 07 new body style 6.0l gas 2500h.d with 6 spd auto trans is giving me tranny issues..it seems that 2nd or 3rd gear seem to shift hard and the reverse is slow to engage when truck warms up to operating temp..reverse seem to engage faster if I increase rpms..anyone have any idea what is going on or what I should do? truck has 298000 km (Canadian)
  5. yeah it really was hard to step away from my gm trucks!its all i have ever owned but we have a family owned electrical contracting business so we still have quite a few gms in the fleet including 2 2010's and between my vehicles my families plus business we must own a minimum of 15 gms!this the only off brand and like I said thought I would try something different and really it gives me a chance to compare the ram to our gms.honestly my first impressions of the ram are very good,one thing i don't like is the headlights ,they are way brighter on the gm,other than that I am really enjoying it but the real test will be how it is holding up after 80000km! and this one has the 5.7 hemi,power is amazing! ride and handling I would say are very similar,I added a set of TIMBRENS to the rear end to pick it back up after installing my tool boxes so it returns it to a factory stance!something I never have had to ever do to my gm!but all in all I am really enjoying driving something different but the test is yet to come.
  6. well I started this thread way back in may of 2008 when I picked up my new 2008 3500hd.and as a long time GM guy and still owner of many gm vehicles I did something different for my new and latest truck!I know I shouldn't post it on here but I just recently replaced that 2008 with a new 2011 RAM,my first new ram ever!to be honest I have been in gm vehicles since I was born and have been driving them for 20 years!so anyways it amazes me this thread has lasted this long!so as a long time gm guy I just wanted to share my latest truck with you if it is a big no no to post the pic let me know and I can remove it.just felt like trying something different but GM will always be #1 in my books!so in these pics is my 2008 as I prepare to let it go and a pic of its replacment,it was without a doubt the best gm.
  7. is that factory ride height or what have you done?leveling kit?just looks higher than stock!and also it looks bloody awesome!!
  8. thats probably the best looking 11 HD truck i have ever seen. i would marry that truck X2 it looks great still think the ext cab models look the best!!
  9. Spare or not that's a nice looking truck! And a good location for the shot too. its a great truck and we usually just trade them in but the dealers just don't seem to give us anything on trade so we decided to keep this one around as a spare
  10. here is a pic of one of our work trucks,this is now a spare it is a 07 2500HD,replaced with a new 2010 3500hd crew cab long box 4x4 GMC
  11. anteater

    trucks of past and present

    various trucks that have owned or currently own
  12. I am sure this has been done allready but wasn't gonna go back searching for it.here is my new 08 GMC 3500 HD CREW CAB 4X4 SLT with a 6.0L V8 GAS
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