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  1. The joke with my buddies always has been the factory auto starts are start with your hand on the hood auto starts. They plain suck. Always had Astrostarts or Compustar. The app is joke its slow and half the time its unavailable. They only start the truck twice for 15 mins per time, after that you need a key cycle. The Compustar's I have had in my last 3 new trucks are fantastic. 25 min run time and I can start it as many times as I want. Its damn cold up here in the ice box of the country.
  2. Ipod classic worked flawless in my '14... now it works when it wants to in my '17.
  3. Not true.. my 17 just had this done back in December.
  4. I have a set that I just removed from my 17 high country if you are interested. Chrome caps.
  5. Infotainment center

    There is a fix for this, I had my '17 reprogrammed. Its better but not as good as the '14 I had.
  6. They know they have problems across multiple lines... nothing is going to be done to fix the issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. They have no fix... mines been going on since sept when I purchased this truck new. I just called the other day and got the same answer, no fix as of yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yup yours is messed up also. I’d bet many more are the same just people don’t know it’s not normal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It is supposed to stay on the last screen that is on when you shut the vehicle off. My 14 did, my buddies 17 does and my dads new 18 does. This one goes to the damn home screen every time. The last (previous) screen is there when you turn the key to on.. when you cycle the key to start the truck the home screen shows up and stays.
  10. On my 17 it has been messed up since new... they claim no fix for mine as well. Mine starts on the home screen every time you start the vehicle. I told them I wanted everything replaced, they will not since warranty won't replace them. Eventually I will get pissed enough and make these unresponsive and they will have to replace them all. It would take less than 10 minutes with a pic on the control board.
  11. Oil Filter observation

    Wix oil filter just changed (last week or so) the filter number. Used to be a 57045 and now its listed as a WL10255. Only thing I see different in comparing the two is the bypass pressure changed from 12 to 22.
  12. Navigation screen on start up

    Its not a setting it is a flaw in the programming. My screen resets to the home screen every time it the truck is restarted no matter what the screen is showing when its shut off, nav, radio, media etc.
  13. Navigation screen on start up

    Nope you just have a messed up program... I've had my new 17 in 4-5 times and GM does not have a fix yet, pretty sure they will never have a fix.
  14. 2018 remote start

    Skip the factory one and go aftermarket, Compustar, astrostart. The ongoing joke with my buddies that all have new GM trucks is hold your hand on the hood autostarts because that is how far the range is.
  15. You do realize that outside of the few people on internet forums most will never look at the RPO sticker or even know they existed to start with.

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