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  1. So what happens if the battery goes dead, are you able to use the tailgate? My jumper cables are in a toolbox under a tonneau cover, cant open it without opening the tailgate. Accidently bumping the switch and dropping the tailgate onto the trailer jack would really piss me off.
  2. I used stainless button head bolts and locknuts with a large flat washer on the inside, not a fan of self tappers in paper thin sheet metal.
  3. Same problem on my 17 and actually my 14 did it and was never fixed. 17 was fixed under warranty. My neighbor buddies 15 built up enough and it blew the plastic end cap off.
  4. I have watched Speedee and Fedex both throw packages out the door of the truck without stopping at the farm. Latest one was UPS though, sent an ECM to a business an hour down the road (Mpls/St Paul) and it took 3 days to be delivered, one attempt was at 11:30 at night, undeliverable of course...
  5. How does $275 plus shipping sound? I have pics I cans send. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I have a set of takeoff DL3 mirrors for sale. I want them out of my shop.
  7. So I live on a farm in the county...I don't take the keys out of my truck unless I go to town, which could be days. Now if I trade I'll have to worry about the key fob causing a dead battery...This new 19' and much of its "improvements" is a joke.
  8. The joke with my buddies always has been the factory auto starts are start with your hand on the hood auto starts. They plain suck. Always had Astrostarts or Compustar. The app is joke its slow and half the time its unavailable. They only start the truck twice for 15 mins per time, after that you need a key cycle. The Compustar's I have had in my last 3 new trucks are fantastic. 25 min run time and I can start it as many times as I want. Its damn cold up here in the ice box of the country.
  9. Ipod classic worked flawless in my '14... now it works when it wants to in my '17.
  10. I have a set that I just removed from my 17 high country if you are interested. Chrome caps.
  11. There is a fix for this, I had my '17 reprogrammed. Its better but not as good as the '14 I had.
  12. They know they have problems across multiple lines... nothing is going to be done to fix the issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. They have no fix... mines been going on since sept when I purchased this truck new. I just called the other day and got the same answer, no fix as of yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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