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  1. Oil Filter observation

    Wix oil filter just changed (last week or so) the filter number. Used to be a 57045 and now its listed as a WL10255. Only thing I see different in comparing the two is the bypass pressure changed from 12 to 22.
  2. Navigation screen on start up

    Its not a setting it is a flaw in the programming. My screen resets to the home screen every time it the truck is restarted no matter what the screen is showing when its shut off, nav, radio, media etc.
  3. Navigation screen on start up

    Nope you just have a messed up program... I've had my new 17 in 4-5 times and GM does not have a fix yet, pretty sure they will never have a fix.
  4. 2018 remote start

    Skip the factory one and go aftermarket, Compustar, astrostart. The ongoing joke with my buddies that all have new GM trucks is hold your hand on the hood autostarts because that is how far the range is.
  5. You do realize that outside of the few people on internet forums most will never look at the RPO sticker or even know they existed to start with.
  6. After market remote start

    Please don't buy the add on GM remote start its not worth the package it comes in. Tried one back in 2008. The ongoing joke with GM factory auto starts is its a "one hand on the hood" auto start. Buy a good aftermarket one like an Astro start or Compustar. Have a reputable place install it and ask them how they do the install, if scotch loks are mentioned move along. I hate the GM app, I didn't like it on my 14 and I don't like it on my 17. Its slow and cumbersome compared to just pushing a button, here in MN the auto start is used half the year.
  7. I had a broken wire at the terminal in the door side of the main harness. It made all kinds of weird things happen, one new terminal from GM and a new piece of wire spliced in and it was cured. Total cost of $1 for the terminal. This was on my '14 truck.
  8. Nothing new here, I was just at the dealer for my first oil change, I brought up the new head unit and they will not replace it since it is a known issue and they are working to resolve it.. At least that is what I was told. I will be pushing harder if nothing is resolved in the next month.
  9. I heard from the dealer, I had it in about 2 weeks ago, I've only had the truck for a month.
  10. Mine does the exact same thing, was told engineering was working on a problem but have no solution. Latest problem I discovered is when using an IPOD half the artists and no playlists show up. Worked just fine on the '14 I traded in. This new one is complete junk. Called the infotainment help line and filed a formal complaint. If I hear nothing back I will be demanding a new head unit. I bought a new truck not a used one.
  11. Sounds when you open the door

    My '17 6.2L does this exact same thing. My '14 6.2L did not.
  12. Bak Revolver X2

    ​ You must not drive on gravel.
  13. Long story short the evap canister was broken when it was setup on the hoist, I guess the bracket isn't strong enough to support the weight of the truck? I didn't do it they did, brand new truck. The dealer is sending me a new canister and bracket since it will be faster for me than the 3 hr round trip back to the dealer. I crawled underneath and looked at the job, looked simple one bolt and two lines. Is there a trick to removing the two lines? It looked like just push out the retainer and remove the line from the fitting? Is it really that simple or is a tricky one. Thanks!
  14. '17 radio home page?

    Kinda poor I mean these trucks are a year old (model year) and no solution exists yet.
  15. '17 radio home page?

    Here is the update on the radio issue. Had it in last week for something else, the response was engineering is currently aware of the problem but has not come up with a solution at this time. So no fix.

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