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  1. Check the switch at bottom of steering column See if rod is pushing the switch far enough to engage solenoid wire sometimes rod gets wore out especially if it's a tilt wheel. Then follow the voltage to the starter
  2. Does it still have side post battery ? Check battery ends under the rubber for corrosion.
  3. Try replacing rubber brake line to caliper. These will get old and collapse....not alowing fluid to return.
  4. I had a bad experience rolling radials backwards. Could have been the tires but I'll never swap sides with radials again.
  5. Swap them back. You never swap sides. It's always front to back. Belt on tire may have already slipped rolling in wrong direction.
  6. If compressor is engaging it shouldn't take much. Up to you whether to try stop leak it has to be very small leak. Just make sure you read directions carefully and don't over charge. Good luck.
  7. Nice looking truck ! Start at the plugs at the bulbs. Sometime you have to bend female connectors to make sufficient contact
  8. Spray ether or carb cleaner around bottom of throttle body. If engine revs it's sucking air. Or just replace gasket. This was the problem with my 94.
  9. First 2 are related to problems you described. Last is transmission code. Reset codes and go from there.
  10. Don't think you would be happy with the gears. I would leave as is. Fuel mileage would take what little fun you would have getting from here to there in a short distance just a little faster. Definetly wouldn't give more power. Stick with what you have in gears.
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