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  1. You just have to mess around with a small screw driver to pop it open. You tube has a few videos about this. I spent 20 minutes just sticking the crew driver in the slot and moving it around and it finally opened. Installing new latch is SIMPLE.
  2. Thanks! I'll monkey around with the display and see if I can find it.
  3. OK...probably dumb question....How do I know if my 2014 5.3 AFM "kicks in"?
  4. I checked my VIN too and it shows nothing. I have a 2014 1500 CC. Also, they only have up to September posted in the Investigations area. The number 19V761 might be an October number?
  5. Thanks for your insight on the 2 hands thing...Something to consider.
  6. I like the look of those. I think I want them to retract out of the way though.
  7. Hey Bentarm13...can you post pics of the blanks and your anchors?
  8. Manny, have you found out what caused it? It is very similar to Mindy's problem.
  9. You're probably right. I'm guessing she and/or her husband knows exactly what happened.
  10. I started reading the topic before I realized t was several months old....Like Manny805, I want to know what happened?
  11. I got mine done yesterday. Key fob didn't lock or unlock the truck for about 2 hours after, but that came back too. We have never had any trouble with braking so I didn't expect to feel a difference and there was none.
  12. Dropping the pan and cleaning the metal off of the magnet along with a new filter is not that difficult and is the recommended way of doing it. At least I think that's right. You'll end up putting in around 7 quarts.
  13. OK, it says they will reprogram the electronics. Does that really fix the problem? Thanks for posting Retired Bob
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