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  1. Dropping the pan and cleaning the metal off of the magnet along with a new filter is not that difficult and is the recommended way of doing it. At least I think that's right. You'll end up putting in around 7 quarts.
  2. OK, it says they will reprogram the electronics. Does that really fix the problem? Thanks for posting Retired Bob
  3. Donstar I like the Volt. I drive back and forth to work using no gasoline. Obviously I pay to charge it, but much less than gasoline. Well built car that drives bigger than it is. I have no experience with the Bolt, but the range is great. Can you still get the Tax Refund? That was another nice thing about the Volt when I bought it.
  4. I'll check it. The switch SEEMS to operate normally, but I'll have a look. Thanks.
  5. I think you're right duquephart, must be Gremlins. Didn't do it this morning!
  6. For the last few days when starting our 2014 Silverado, the wipers make one pass across the windshield. Just one. Switch is off and works correctly. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Good Info MikeyK101. I hope I never need it, but good to know.
  8. That's it. Air Deflector. THANKS!
  9. Hello! I used the search feature and I suspect I am calling the part by the wrong name. I recently bought a 2014 Silverado CC LTZ Z71. My question is this: Should there be a black plastic air dam/spoiler/whatever under my front bumper? If so, what is it called? I assume this piece is there to improve MPG? Thanks!
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