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  1. Some type of hidden gps tracker makes sense. Do they still make Lojack?
  2. What year is your truck and can you describe your auto dimming install and where you got it for only $50? That's one option I miss on my new truck. Thanks
  3. Dude, I'm sorry you are not happy with your truck. I wonder if your dealer will take it back? I think my guy gives you 30 days if you're not satisfied. Or, maybe it will just take some getting used to. It's a beautiful truck imho, if that helps. I almost bought one of those. Love the look. Instead, I bought a 2019 LD 5.3 standard bed double cab 4x4 with Allstar and LT trim a couple months ago. It's basically a leftover. It has the 2014-2018 body style. It was between it and a beautiful blue custom trail boss like yours. I really liked the trail boss and the style of the new trucks is awesome, but it was missing a lot of things I was used to or wanted. I traded in a loaded 2016 Colorado, so I was used to some creature comforts. I got the LD for $11,000 off msrp. Very happy with it. The dealer added heated seats to sweeten the deal.
  4. That truck looks good, but I think the white should be taller. It looks a bit off, seems too narrow. It should follow the lines of the way the fender bulges out. I agree that those retro wheels look good. Those are a throwback from '60's chevys. Chevelles, Camaros, vettes... Even the white "wagon" wheels on the other truck look good.
  5. It will only work with payloads that are light weight. Anything heavy, forget it... A friend had a load of wood chips and attempted to use it. No good. He ripped it off and threw it out. So, yes and mostly no. It depends how heavy the load is. Check to see if there is a recommended weight limit and see if that suits your needs. I'm thinking, you have a pickup that can carry a lot of weight back there, so why limit your capacity with a flimsy device? What I normally do is spread a large tarp over the bed, sides, tailgate and the back of the cab. Then I have the supply guy dump his load into the bed onto the tarp. This protects the paint and adds an easy final cleanup of the bed after shovelling most of the payload out by hand. It's really not that much work or time consuming to shovel it out.
  6. I was on the site earlier on my Mac and had no problems at all. So maybe it's an android thing. Funny thing is, yesterday, on April 1st I got a message on my phone that there's an android update. I refused it for now because I was paranoid being that it was April Fools Day. I'm still a bit hesitant. My current Android version is 9. Anyone else get this update message or heard of any scams going around?
  7. Bummer! I feel for you bro! I had a motorcycle stolen from the West Side of NYC years ago. Good neighborhood too, West 76th near Central Park West. Strange feeling standing there with helmet in hand looking at the empty spot I know I parked in. I'll never forget that day and that was probably close to 40 years ago! Just when you thought car jacking was a thing of the past...boom! Gone! I guess from what is being said here, it's not that hard to beat the technology. Swap out computers? Master key? Really? I'm sure the first thing they do is somehow disable the On-Star, so that's probably useless. Personally, after it's been taken, unless it's immediately found, I wouldn't want it back. It's either been beat to hell or stripped out. I'd be hoping for a new one at that point. Start making a wish list for your new truck. Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. Can't help you there, I'm not that technically inclined. But wow! you really need that much space for your music? I had a 256 GB thumb drive and had so much more room left on it I switched it out for a 128 GB and still have tons of space left on this one! You must have every song that was ever recorded! Hope you find what you need....
  9. Beautiful truck! I don't know how much you are paying or how many miles are on that truck, but have you checked out the prices of the (new) left overs? They are giving steep discounts around my area of northeastern PA. I picked up a new 2019 Black 1500 Double Cab 4X4 LD (LD is the 2014-2018 style body) standard bed, 5.3L, 6 speed with LT and Allstar trim a couple months ago for $34,500. Original sticker price was $45,500. I paid more for my 2016 Colorado back in 2016. There are many great deals out there . Even for the new 2019 body style trucks. I'm seeing new trucks for less than used ones! Just a thought...worth looking into IMHO. Good luck with your buy and let us know what your final decision was.
  10. Wheels too big on the blue one. I generally don't like the color orange much, but that one does have a better paint scheme, so thumbs up for the orange one. The black ones both look good. I think it's important to have the extra pin stripes as a border. Overall, not bad, but I don't think I would personally own one. I guess I like the modern solid color look. Funny though, I still like a little bit of chrome, so I'm not a totally "blacked out" guy. I even still like the stock chevy insignias. Not looking to change them to popular black versions or using plastic dip.
  11. Still having problems. Even when trying to open threads. I can open them by long touch then choosing "open in new tab". Oh well, I guess eventually it will get fixed.
  12. I'm using the Samsung internet app that came with the phone. I actually did what you said... once. Long pressed until a dialog box came up and chose to open it in a new window. I'm not sure if I did that with the next page button or with something else. Needless to say, we shouldn't have to do that. So, the question is...what exactly is the problem? Is it an Android problem? Or something with the forum? I know we can expect things in general to maybe not function correctly or not get fixed promptly due to the virus and economic shut-down. So, I can deal with a little inconvenience if need be. Stay safe and healthy...that what's most important.
  13. I wasn't sure where to post this, so if a mod wants to move it...by all means. I'm mostly on the 2014-2018 Silverado forum. I get no reaction from the next button when trying to get to the next page. I even tried the arrow button that would normally bring you to the very last page, but nothing. It's been doing this for the past week or so. I'm on an Android phone. I also noticed that when I look at my notifications and try clicking on one, it also does nothing. Is it my phone or has anyone else had similar problems? Thanks, Joe
  14. Mine had several tiny dings when it was new from the dealer. (Couple months ago) it was on the driver's side as if it were peppered with hail or small stones. No paint damage, just dings. It's amazing what the dealer's PDR guy did. Not a trace left! Not a single wave! Nothing! Even with my truck's black mirror like shine...nothing visible. I was leary about the purchase of the truck, but they assured me the dings will be gone...and they are! So, to the OP...do yourself a favor, stop losing sleep over it and get in touch with a good PDR guy. You'll be amazed.
  15. Let's try to think about all the conditions that would invoke a chime alert... Parking brake Seat belt...I would connect the front passenger seat belt to check this. Maybe the sensor in the seat thinks someone is sitting there? Door ajar Not sure about this one...low tire pressure Turn signal left on? The thing is that most or maybe all of these would pop up in the dic. Let us know how you make out.
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