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  1. You're lucky they don't just drill a hole in the bottom of your tank. Best to get some cameras on your truck to catch them. How about those driveway alarms. The ones that have a beam of light crossing your driveway. When the light beam is broken an alarm goes off in your house. Maybe you can rig that up somehow near or around your truck. Then have your 12 gauge ready.
  2. So, do they grap a rusted part on the production line and install it in a vehicle? Or does it somehow rust while sitting on the train/truck/lots? Even parts that are painted are rusting. That's some lousy paint/prime job.
  3. I know this thread is a few months old, but I just looked under the seats of my 3 week old Silverado and it's all rusty under there. The dealer is doing some promised work for me so I wanted to take a lot of pictures. (I don't trust anyone) That's when I saw all that rust! This is normal?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I Hope GM steps up and gets this resolved for all the owners that have the sliding window. I can only imagine how that must feel when one hears that pop and sees that window shattered.
  5. This is a crazy thread no doubt. Can anyone confirm that this does not occur on the full solid window? I don't have the slide open rear window.
  6. Oh, 400 watts, that's not much! The 110V charging block charges faster...didn't know that. Good to know. I can see using it for a laptop.
  7. My new 2019 Silverado LD came with the 120 Volt receptacle. If I recall correctly, it's limited to 15 Amps. Anyway, I've always thought that was a cool idea. But now that I have it, I can't think of anything I would want to plug in there. What do all of you use it for?
  8. I don't think we are technologically ready yet. There are some people out there that think these vehicles are completely green. They think the electricity just comes out of thin air. Just plug it in. There's no emissions! There are also environmental concerns with battery production and disposal. How long do those batteries last? What's the cost to replace them? Can any part of them be recycled or are they just dumped into a landfill? We need to produce a better power source.
  9. Thanks everyone for the congrats...we love the new truck. Haven't had a black vehicle for a while. Our last truck was a rainforest green 2016 Colorado. It was hard to give up that green. Now...to keep this black paint looking good. It's already full of road salt...pity...
  10. Thanks for the congrats my neighbor to the north! Here in Pennsylvania we keep our handguns on our hip! Maybe if you need to enter a Federal building or a school you can lock it in there. But, I never leave mine in my truck in case the truck is stolen or broken into. I like the maple syrup idea! That stuff is expensive...and sooo good. I can't stand that fake corn syrup crap. It amazes me when you go out for breakfast and the restaurant serves that fake crap. Have they no scruples? I once tapped some of my maple trees and thought I could make my own. Man, you need to boil down a lot of sap to make that stuff. I guess that's why it's so expensive.
  11. Yeah, the MSRP was $45,500. It was reduced to $34,500. That's less than I paid for my 2016 Colorado when it was new. I really like the style of the grill on this truck. I think the LD stands for light duty. It can tow 9400 pounds. Is that considered light duty? Instead of light duty (LD), I like to call it "Left Dover". Ha! I now know that when ordering accessories and such, this 2019 truck is considered having the "Legacy" body, not the new 2019 body.
  12. I had a 2016 Colorado that had a transmission shutter. A transmission software update (TSB) cured the problem. It would happen at low speeds (25-40 mph) on a gradual incline. It seemed as though it was lugging in the wrong gear. Kind of like if you were driving a manual and you needed to downshift. When it would happen, I would give it more gas, it would downshift and take off like a bat out of hell. Not good. Hopefully yours just needs to be hooked to the dealer computer and updated. But there were others that needed fluid changes and or torque converters. Good luck...
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