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  1. I don't know why, but the last post reminded me of something. Did you ever go to a friend's house to help them with something and need a hacksaw? They hand you this saw with a completely dull blade, the teeth are all gone. So many people don't realize you are able to change the blade on those things. My father in law had six hacksaws hanging up. Not one had a good blade!
  2. Your brother in law and all the dealers, repair shops, factory workers, etc. would still be working if everyone bought American vehicles. They'd just be working for American companies, repairing, building, selling American vehicles. When it comes to the whole global economy roost, all you have to do is look at the Euro, the whole EU thing. Why do you think the Brits fought for Brexit? The counties that a doing the right thing and have great economies become diluted by the countries that have tanked their economies. It brings down their value and brings up the value of the countries that were not doing well. It all just averages out. A few years back, there was talk of creating the Amero. They wanted to combine the economies of North, South and Central America, just like the Euro. What do you think that would have done to our economy? When I was a kid, the only foreign cars we saw were maybe the occasional MG or possibly an XKE Jaguar. We called the foreign jobs. The in the 70's came Toyota and Datsun (now Nissan). And over these few decades they have assaulted our economy and it's our own fault.
  3. Interesting. Maybe I'll have one yard dumped in and see how low it drops. I can decide then.
  4. Every place I go measures a yard by two scoops of their bobcat, or is it a skid steer?...I think the two are basically the same. But, yeah, I guess I'll be taking two trips. Thanks!
  5. I believe 2 yards will physically fit. I have the 6' 6" standard bed. It's the weight that concerns me. I have hauled a yard each of both river stone and mulch and there was plenty of room. Now that I'm thinking of it, that yard of river stone I hauled had to be way heavier than top soil.
  6. 2019 Silverado 1500 LD 4X4 Double Cab standard bed. The yellow door sticker states I can haul 1764 pounds. (I found out about that yellow door sticker from you guys in one of my other posts. Thanks for that). I need two cubic yards of top soil. Do I have to make two trips? I'm guessing yes. But have any of you pushed it to two yards? What's the consensus out there? I remember hauling a yard of top soil in my 4x4 2016 Colorado crew cab and the suspension hardly moved. Freakin' full sized truck and it can only haul 1764 pounds. I remember putting a ton in my 2008 4x4 Ford Ranger! The front end was high and the rear end was low! I know the actual weight of top soil can vary with moisture content. Some sites state 2,000 pounds for one cubic yard.
  7. My boat has exhaust flappers! But for a completely different reason. They're called exhaust shutters. They prevent the back-flow of water into the engine which would result in hydro-lock. Basically water forced into the cylinders if you suddenly stop the boat too quickly. This is a very bad scenario! All kinds of internal damage can happen, as you can imagine. The Mercury I/O engine is a 4.3L GM truck block they adapt for marine use. It's carbureted, not injected and puts out 190 HP.
  8. I use a big tarp. I spread it in the bed, over the sides, tailgate and up over the back of the cab. This protects my beautiful paint when the guy dumps in the material. The tarp has protected the sides of my rear fenders from stones many times. When he's done, I fold it over, roll my tonneau back and drive home. At home, I drop the tailgate and make sure the tarp is spread over the tailgate, including the gap. After most of the product has been shoveled out, I'll fold the tarp over and drag the remainder out by pulling on the tarp. Done...clean bed.
  9. Press and hold the left (volume) knob and the infotainment will shut off. The screen will go black. Is that what you were asking? Or are you doing that and it comes on by itself?
  10. You're just speculating and my truck was not built in Mexico.
  11. Uhggg....there's no way in heck I would buy a foreign vehicle. I support my country. I know I'm gonna catch heck for that statement, but that's how I feel. I'm very patriotic. And don't tell me they make them, fix them and sell the parts here, because I'll ask you where do the profits ultimately go? If more people buy American, those factories, repair and parts places would still be working. They'd be working on American vehicles. I know it's hard to buy completely American these days, and that's ashame. Heck, even Harley uses Showa shocks and a lot of the electronics on our vehicles are foreign made. But I try the best I can. So, beat me up, ban me, try and shame me....whatever... God bless America! And all of you too!
  12. Amen brother! You are so right on many accounts. Someone has to be making money on solar and wind energy. It's always about money. Look at the recent hydrochloriquine controversy. This drug is super cheap so they are against the use of it. They're not profiting on it, so they advocate against it. A lot of these ignorant people think electricity for charging their (electric) cars just comes out of thin air. How about the effects on the environment due to the manufacturing and disposal of those massive battery packs? How long do they last? How much does it cost to replace them? You are right on about using hydro-electric, tidal and nuclear. But why aren't we taking advantage of those? Must not be as profitable...it's always about the money.
  13. I really like the blue. We almost bought a blue one, but that particular one on the dealer lot was lacking many options. We ended up with black.
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