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  1. I once had a vehicle that had the rear quarter replaced. It had a bad sound like you describe, mostly noticable at higher speeds. They had not aligned the door properly.
  2. I agree! I'm not a big fan of the dropped look and big wheels either, but that truck is smokin' hot! The wide wheels in the rear give the appearance that the truck is tubbed. Pro-street. Hey, a tubbed Silverado would be cool!
  3. Thank you! I will try that tomorrow and report back! I did do a "reset", but there weren't as many steps as that. Hope that works. Thanks again! Oh, I did follow the instructions that came with the visors to keep the windows closed for 72 hours. It was Summertime, so I think that was good.
  4. Has anyone installed in-channel window visors and had trouble with the window express up action reaching the top and immediately reopening? I'm assuming it's reacting as if there is an obstruction and immediately reversing. It works OK if I keep my finger on the button, it only happens when I do the one touch express up. It's kind of weird. You would think it would also happen when keeping my finger on the button. Is there a cure for this? I tried the window reset procedure and I thought it cured it, but the next day it happened again and ever since. I wish I would have known this, I would have bought the other type. The ones I got were from AVS, if that matters.
  5. Thanks for the link. My truck is listed there, so the kit will work, but for $374 I'll just let my wife tell me when to stop!
  6. The chrome looks nice, but I'm old school and it seems the younger generation prefers no chrome. Anyway, I vote go for the chrome! My grill is black like your existing grill, but my truck is black, so maybe it's not as noticable. Your black grill seems to stand out a bit more since your truck is white. Don't get me wrong, your truck is still beautiful in my view! Here's mine:
  7. Ah! Excellent! That looks much better than those 4 holes! Good job... Where I live there is no front plate, but sometimes the dealers mount that bracket so they can put their advertising there. The bracket is usually tossed into the cab of the truck by the factory. I dont know how many times I've told salesmen... " if you put that bracket on and ruin the front of that truck, the deal is off!" Its true...it's one of my pet peeves!
  8. 2019 Silverado LD double cab 4x4 I always have to get my wife to tell me when to stop while I back the boat up to the house. I dont want to hit the house! So, I thought of this idea of mounting a camera to the back of the boat trailer. But is it possible to display the camera's view on the 8" infotainment screen? Somehow bypass the truck's tailgate camera and switch to a camera at the back of the trailer? This is something that GM should employ. Or maybe they already have this and I'm just out of touch? Is there a way I can do this without freaking out the truck's computer? Basically whenever the 7 pin trailer harness is plugged into the truck, the truck camera is disabled and the trailer camera takes over. Maybe it's not worth the trouble. Just keep doing what we have been doing....
  9. I don't know why, but the last post reminded me of something. Did you ever go to a friend's house to help them with something and need a hacksaw? They hand you this saw with a completely dull blade, the teeth are all gone. So many people don't realize you are able to change the blade on those things. My father in law had six hacksaws hanging up. Not one had a good blade!
  10. Your brother in law and all the dealers, repair shops, factory workers, etc. would still be working if everyone bought American vehicles. They'd just be working for American companies, repairing, building, selling American vehicles. When it comes to the whole global economy roost, all you have to do is look at the Euro, the whole EU thing. Why do you think the Brits fought for Brexit? The counties that a doing the right thing and have great economies become diluted by the countries that have tanked their economies. It brings down their value and brings up the value of the countries that were not doing well. It all just averages out. A few years back, there was talk of creating the Amero. They wanted to combine the economies of North, South and Central America, just like the Euro. What do you think that would have done to our economy? When I was a kid, the only foreign cars we saw were maybe the occasional MG or possibly an XKE Jaguar. We called the foreign jobs. The in the 70's came Toyota and Datsun (now Nissan). And over these few decades they have assaulted our economy and it's our own fault.
  11. Interesting. Maybe I'll have one yard dumped in and see how low it drops. I can decide then.
  12. Every place I go measures a yard by two scoops of their bobcat, or is it a skid steer?...I think the two are basically the same. But, yeah, I guess I'll be taking two trips. Thanks!
  13. I believe 2 yards will physically fit. I have the 6' 6" standard bed. It's the weight that concerns me. I have hauled a yard each of both river stone and mulch and there was plenty of room. Now that I'm thinking of it, that yard of river stone I hauled had to be way heavier than top soil.
  14. 2019 Silverado 1500 LD 4X4 Double Cab standard bed. The yellow door sticker states I can haul 1764 pounds. (I found out about that yellow door sticker from you guys in one of my other posts. Thanks for that). I need two cubic yards of top soil. Do I have to make two trips? I'm guessing yes. But have any of you pushed it to two yards? What's the consensus out there? I remember hauling a yard of top soil in my 4x4 2016 Colorado crew cab and the suspension hardly moved. Freakin' full sized truck and it can only haul 1764 pounds. I remember putting a ton in my 2008 4x4 Ford Ranger! The front end was high and the rear end was low! ? I know the actual weight of top soil can vary with moisture content. Some sites state 2,000 pounds for one cubic yard.
  15. My boat has exhaust flappers! But for a completely different reason. They're called exhaust shutters. They prevent the back-flow of water into the engine which would result in hydro-lock. Basically water forced into the cylinders if you suddenly stop the boat too quickly. This is a very bad scenario! All kinds of internal damage can happen, as you can imagine. The Mercury I/O engine is a 4.3L GM truck block they adapt for marine use. It's carbureted, not injected and puts out 190 HP.
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