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  1. Are you sure you are not interpreting the law incorrectly? 2+ means two or more occupants. I could be wrong, but I don't think it means every seatbelt needs an occupant. Signs should be posted, clearly explaining the requirements. Every HOV lane I've come across clearly posted the requirements. I've never seen one that requires more than 2, but I don't doubt that some do require 3. I doubt the amount of seatbelts has anything to do with it. It's all about the occupants. I wouldn't remove any seatbelts. That sounds like it would violate safety laws.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Everything illuminates. I'm still here, just haven't had a chance to mess with it. When I do, i will update.
  3. Maybe I'm messing it up some how by playing around with it too much. Some good ideas here.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! Nothing blocking the sensor. I'm adamant about clutter in my vehicles. There's zero clutter....anywhere. So, your saying if I mess with it during the day, it won't dim later. I'm assuming if the truck is turned off, it will reset. I thought maybe there was a setting buried in the menu somewhere, but I couldn't find anything. Maybe a choice of manual or auto dash dimming. Funny.....I noticed during my search that there are a lot of people that hate the auto dimming dash! I think it depends on where you drive. I'm guessing city folks don't need the dash dimmed at night since there are street lights everywhere. But us rural folks are in complete darkness, so the dash can be blinding if too bright.
  5. This is a 2019 Silverado LD with LT trim. Basically a K2, since it's an LD. The dash is blinding at night. I have to lower the level with the thumb knob near the light switch. My 2016 Colorado automatically dimmed the dash at night, but this truck is not auto dimming the dash. I looked through the infotainment menus and can't find anything related to this. Am I missing something? Or doesn't this truck do that? Thanks!
  6. You only need the brake controller if you are pulling a trailer that has either straight out electric brakes or electric over hydraulic brakes. A lot of trailers have self activating hydraulic surge brakes in which you don't need a brake controller. You could buy an aftermarket brake controller if you ever need it. I don't know about our trucks, but my daughter's Ram had a jack under the dash by the steering wheel to connect an aftermarket controller. So, it was pretty much plug and play. We did have to order the correct harness to match the truck model.
  7. Thanks! So, basically all 1500 trucks are the same. I'm guessing they are all 1/2 ton. It's just strange they call this one light duty and have the letters LD on the tailgate. It makes it sound inferior. Since mine has the LT package, I would rather it had the LT on the tailgate.
  8. I have a 2019 LD and it's sometimes called Legacy class. As stated, it's the same body as 2014-2018. So when you're looking for parts and accessories, look for 2014-2018 or Legacy. Remember, the new body style started in 2019. That's a different truck than our 2019's. I don't know why it's called LD, "Light Duty". Is our payload lighter?
  9. Yes, us older folks got that reference. Maybe the younger crowd didn't.
  10. That's crazy! I don't blame your wife. That had to be scary! What's the deal? A defective suspension from the factory? Has anyone else had this problem? I think if this was common it would be well known. I don't doubt you from your description, but it seems unique. I would have brought it back to the dealer for them to explain what was wrong. Anyway, what mods did you do to correct it?
  11. What? Tires off the ground with every bump? I can't see a stock truck doing that. How can a manufacturer produce such an unsafe vehicle? Maybe you don't mean literally? Maybe it's just a bit bouncy? Maybe you're driving 100 mph off-road? Or you're just exaggerating? My tires have never left the road during normal driving.
  12. My daughter has a 2015 Ram 1500. It's a nice truck, but it has had many factory recalls. At least those didn't cost her. Recently the fuel level sensor went bad which cost her almost $1,000. The third brake light also leaked water into the cab. That was a weird one to trace out. One thing I don't like is the ride. Due to coil springs all around, it's a bit too soft. To me, there isn't much feel for road input, if that makes sense.
  13. Could it be the engine pinging due to a timing problem?
  14. Don't forget the cordless extension cord. And the solar powered flashlights. Not recharged by solar, powered by solar. And if you're pulling in a wire and it's too short, get the wire stretcher.
  15. I once had a vehicle that had the rear quarter replaced. It had a bad sound like you describe, mostly noticable at higher speeds. They had not aligned the door properly.
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