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  1. This is the first vehicle that I've owned with all this damn traction control garbage. Last week was the end of the line. Between Stabilitrak and Traction control, my truck could barely get out of it's own way... And everything defaulting "on" when you cycle the motor was beyond maddening. Best part about all this smart traction bits, they don't work if they don't have power! Truck is a whole new rig. I might even say... enjoyable again. I also added a throttle boost. My truck is a truck again. Anyone else do this?
  2. I pulled the trigger on the Holley Sniper. Best decision ever. For those thinking about doing the same, I have a few notes. -you need to add a fuel pump near the tank. Give it some thought well ahead of time. -Order the full kit and save yourself a lot of hassle -Your old holley throttle cable bracket won't fit, which is ridiculous. You will need a new one from Lokar, and get the round and throttle cable. -you will need to buy plenty of return fuel line. -DO NOT use the breather inlet as a return line... Drill a hole in the sending unit top and use supplied fittings. -Manual says not to pull switched power from the input of the distributor, red wire. They call it dirty power... And I gave this a lot of thought, however, all power leads to the battery. No matter how many relays, wire routes, or added power lines, they all eventually wind up at the battery. So it's all dirty power as far as I'm concerned, because its all connecter via the batter. I'm not an expert, but if you want some help, I'll gladly share what I know. If you're thinking about doing the EFI swap, you should do it. I will never go back to a carb.
  3. Been my project for about 6 years. I finally got time to get some critical things done. New glass in the back, fixed most of the horrible wiring, and threw EFI in. Future plans to add a supercharger, but first I need to fix the chassis. The guy before me butchered the work so I need to re-box the frame over the rear axle. Pushing a 454, full headers, true duals. Turbo 400 12 bolt rear with 4:11 This thing is a tank... heavy, but it feels light when on the throttle!
  4. Anyone have experience with the self tuning EFI? I'm looking at a Holley Sniper for my 454. I plan on running the external fuel pump. Currently running an 800cfm double pumper that is tired and sitting on a single plane manifold. Start up takes 5 to 10 min to warm the damn truck up with no choke. And by the time I get it running, the exhaust fumes just about tip me over. Keep in mind that this is a street cruiser, so I want the ease and reliability of EFI. I'm over the carb. Some locals tell me that the self tuning is garbage, but I've seen numerous success videos online. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I just about peed myself when I stumbled across this truck. I have a soft spot for SWB Chevy's. A perfect replacement for my old 95. 5.3L 6 speed, 342 gears with locker. Someone put a glass pack on, sounds nice and rumbly. 41k miles.
  6. I've had this issue on my old 95. Always felt like something bumped me when I stopped. If I threw weigh in the back, it would stop. I'm convinced it was the leaf springs.
  7. My guess is, if they are all 10 bolt rearends, is that it will bolt on. The brakes lines probably need to be modified. I doubt brake lines for a cylinder will bolt up to the caliper. Grab a tape and mesure your spring perches, shock mounts. Any frame and axle shop can move these in needed. Also check track width. How much for the axle assembly?
  8. The 35s and 456 gearing is on my F150. It has a 5.4l, rear end is rated same as a dana44, and the trans is a 4R70E. I don't tow much, 2000lbs usually. I've pulled my 75 c10 with this truck which is probable around 7000lbs gross with the trailer. 410 will be good for 33s. I'm a believer in 456 for 35s. Only ran my rpms up 200ish over stock with this gearing.
  9. Real bead lock wheels are not DOT approved. You may want to look for a Sim lock. You can easily run 35" tires with the cutout flares. However, your gearing is going to suffer. Especially when towing that tractor. You will want to regear. I run 35s with 456 gearing. Best choice I ever made.
  10. Weaver and fighting stance are the two I use the most. Just depends on what I'm doing. If it's simple target shooting, Weaver. If me and a buddy are doing drills, fighting.
  11. Take the classic truck area. There are 7 forums... Why not just a classic truck and a classic SUV? The complexity of all the sub forums creates orphaned topics that I feel would get answered if not so spread out. Just a thought. Not really bitching... Maybe a little... Damn it.
  12. Na, no waves for me. This was the post show wrap up. We shot 2 episodes at the Market Arms in Seattle. 1 day load in, 1 day rehearsal, 1 day filming with a live audience. Never done a tv shoot before, so I was pretty psyched to work on this as my first. Not sure when the episode goes live. I have a couple photos after the air date.
  13. Well, I just spent 2 days shooting some episodes of Deadliest Catch. Thought it was pretty cool to end up working on the show after all these years. These guys are hilarious... They'd make great Roadies.
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