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  1. Another update: Since they replaced pistons and rings, and 4100 miles later, I was getting close to an oil change and noticed the oil level was low. I took it to dealer for oil change and asked them first to check the level. They said the oil level was "very low" and ordered a new engine! Wow. It does seem there is an issue with the design of the AFM engine, but unlike some other folks with same problem, my dealer has been very good about doing everything they can to 'make it right'.
  2. UPDATE: The technical bulliten didn't fix the problem as I was a quart low after only 2,600 miles. I took it back to dealer and there must be another bulliten for this problem as they replaced the pistons and rings, as well as an exhaust manifold and radiator. Hopefully this will fix the problem, but again, only time will tell!!
  3. Update: I picked up the truck from the dealer today. They performed the technical bulletin 10-06-01-008B by cleaning and installing the oil deflector. They seemed confident it would correct the oil consumption problem. I hope they are right, but time will tell.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Yes, it's a "current body style" Sierra. As far as oil, I've always used Mobil 1 (full synthetic) and always change every 5,000 miles, even though the oil life monitor says I can go longer. I'll be taking it to the dealer and hopefully they won't give me the "it's normal" to burn that much oil like some other members have reported. Prior to 60,000 miles, I never had to add oil between oil changes so something changed and isn't right.
  5. Any advice on resolving higher oil consumption? My truck started burning oil the past few months. I was adding a quart of oil about every 3,000 miles and just had to add another quart after only 1,500 miles. It's a 2007 NBS Sierra with 69,000 miles and still within the 5yr/100k powertrain warranty (for a couple more months). I don't see any leaks nor see cloudy coolant so I don't think it's due to a bad head gasket. Anyone know if this might be covered under the powertrain warranty and if not, is there any easy fixes? Thanks
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