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  1. +1 on the thanks to daddy. Got mine from the local Chevy dealer(my company has an account there so I get a discount). I bought the switch and panel separate for a total of $52.00, 17.00 for the switch and 35.00 for the panel. Got it installed in about 15 minutes, works great. I love seeing the instant MPG. The AFM doesn't switch as much as I'd like, but that can be changed with a tune. Thanks again daddy. And BloodRedSilverado for suggesting buying the parts separately.
  2. My 2007 CC Silvy came with XM(3 months free) If you have the head unit that has the CAT button on it you may just have to call XM and have it turned on. The paperwork that came with my truck had a pamphlet from XM with the radio code number in it.
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