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  1. Yeah, I saw that..... I think I may have ruined that when I called to confirm that price..... sorry
  2. After being on back order for awhile, I finally got my Rigid Ignites and installed them last week...... best upgrade to my truck so far! I found the 1.75” hole saw worked best to cut out the step and I managed to use the supplied stop nuts (although the top one is a PIA) to mount the lights with the help of a friend. I used a 14-16ga blue Posi-Tap into the white wire w/ the green stripe from the trailer harness for power. I did tie both positive wires from the lights together and then used a butt connector to extend the length with an 18ga wire because the wires coming from the right light didn’t have much slack. I then inserted the 18ga wire into the Posi-Tap and tightened the connector. I did the same with the ground wires, tied them together and extended the length with a butt connector and some 18ga wire with a ring terminal connected to the other end. Without doing this, I wouldn’t be able to reach the factory ground connection with wire from the right light. I then loosened he factory bolt attached to the ground on the frame (this was located just forward of the trailer harness) and attached the ring connector.
  3. I've been disappointed with the lack of illumination of my reverse lights for awhile and I'm glad I stumbled on this thread. I just ordered a pair of the Rigid Ignites today. If anyone is looking to buy a set of these, northridge4x4.com has them listed for $98.79. The price seemed too good to be true since most places are selling them for $123, so I called customer support and they confirmed the price. I also signed up for a first time buyers coupon code online which saved me an additional $5, bringing my total to $93.79 with free shipping.
  4. I'd have to disagree with this..... I traded my 2015 Sierra for a 2016 Silverado LTZ with LED headlights and its leaps and bounds better than my sierra was. The output is very bright and I can actually light up the side of the road now.
  5. Unfortunately I do not. If in fact you are worried about mpg loss, seriously give the P rated 275/65r18 Duratracs a look, being lighter than an LT tire you should get the satisfaction of a bigger tire but with less weight.
  6. So at first I just had the leveling kit while running the stock P265/65r18 Duratracs and barely noticed any loss in mpg's. Once I put on the LT275/70r18 Duratracs I definitely saw a decrease in mpg's, I went from 18.2 to 16.5 mpg. In hind sight a good compromise might be to get P275/65r18 Duratracs to lessen the impact to mpg.
  7. 2016 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew Cab - Midnight Edition MSRP: $52,175 After Rebates & Incentives: $39,675 After trade: $30,123 After GM Card bonus cash: $28,481
  8. You can't go wrong with TOYO open country AT2's, I had them on my last 2 trucks. They have great traction in the winter, wore very even and you can't beat a 60,000 tread life warranty.
  9. I'm selling 4 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 265/65/r18 tires with 2,000 miles on them (these are standard load rating). All tires are in excellent condition, no plugs, cuts or gouges. $780.00 cash (wheels not included) Price: $760 Location: Gorham, Maine - local pickup, will ship if your willing to pay for it Payment: Cash on pick up or PayPal
  10. I just had Optimum Gloss Coat applied about a month ago, cost $300 for the coating, another $400 for paint correction before he applied the coating (I have a black Midnight Edition and the it needed some paint correction new off the lot). It only last for 2 years then it needs to be reapplied, unlike Opti-Pro or cquartz which last much longer.
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