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  1. Yes that is accurate. Both tanks will be getting smaller. 2021 Suburban fuel tank 28 gallon vs 2020 was 31 gal 2021 Tahoe fuel tank 24 gallon vs 2020 was 26 gal
  2. Both Ford and Ram offer optional larger fuel tanks. They are getting the best of both, payload based on smaller tank, optional larger tank if you want/need it. I guess my question is why does GM not offer an optional larger fuel tank?
  3. Actually, 3.73 gears are offered on the 2020 1500s. 3.73 gears are offered as part of the Diesel off road package on LT and RST. The 3.0L diesel is exclusively matched to the 10 speed. 3.73 gears are also offered with the Custom max tow package with the 5.3L and 6 speed on Custom trim trucks.
  4. Trump rolls back fuel economy standards and emissions standards. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2020/03/31/trump-rolls-back-obama-mpg-rules/5093643002/ There ya go, can cut out the beuqacratic bs and engineer the best truck, no excuses
  5. Diesel off road package https://www.tfltruck.com/2019/06/chevy-silverado-to-get-diesel-off-road-package/
  6. So there are definitely advantages of a larger fuel tank, especially if you are really using your truck. There are not any advantages of a smaller tank, except for a small amount of weight savings, as far as I can tell. I can understand that not everyone needs the benefits that a larger fuel tank provides but I guess my question is why does GM not offer the option? Ford and Ram offer different sized fuel tanks.
  7. A larger tank is better. If you want to stop and walk around, you can at any point, you don't have to be out of fuel to do so. If you tow a large trailer, fuel range shrinks substantially.
  8. Is it the weight of the extra material needed to make the tank 2 gallons bigger or the weight of the fuel or both? I would think the extra plastic for a larger tank would be practically nothing. The weight of the fuel would be12 lbs I guess. I am assuming weight is such an issue for EPA MPG?? In the real world I wouldn't think anyone is concerned with a few pounds.
  9. It looks like a Chevy 3.0 Duramax offload package is coming. Not sure if its got the Trailboss lift but it does have the tires. Also its got 3.73 gearing which will be great for the woods. https://www.tfltruck.com/2019/06/chevy-silverado-to-get-diesel-off-road-package/
  10. So previous short box GM trucks had 26 gallon tanks, anyone know why for the new model they shrunk by 2 gallons to 24? Yeah GM should at least offer the option of a larger tank. I'm all for giving customers the choice.
  11. There are hundreds and hundreds of new F150s with 3.73 gearing in all trim level. I just did a search on cars.com. I was looking at the 5.0 V8. Many of the 3.73 were advertised $12k-$14K off sticker. If you really want to find a specific truck that is sitting on a lot somewhere call Ford they will help you. Any manufacture will. I have called GM in the past and they gave me a list of all the truck in the country with the specific specs I wanted. Its pretty easy to do when rebates are high and discounts are deep at the end of a model year. You might have to travel to pick it up but thats part of the fun. Hope it helps!
  12. Chevy’s are some of the highest geared trucks out of all the 2019s. Mechanical leverage is hugely important. Its disappointing Chevy didn’t go after performance. It’s a brand new truck and is best in class in nothing.
  13. this link has a little more info, but still... https://www.autonews.com/article/20181207/OEM03/181209808/some-2019-gm-pickups-will-have-lower-mpg-than-outgoing-models “While aerodynamic efficiency increased 7 percent and the automaker cut out hundreds of pounds on the redesigned Silverado, Chevrolet says the frontal area also increased — resulting in the same aerodynamic load.” (But it gets worse mpg??? Not the same mpg. So all that reduced weight (450 lbs) that they talked so much about is more than canceled out by the newly styled front end?) "We increased towing capacity, payload, and it's a much larger bed and a much larger cab," (Not sure how making the inside of the bed a little bigger has anything to do with the question of worse mpg other than its just smoke and mirrors) “GM was able to offset much of the aerodynamic drag for models with other engine options, which experienced small increases in fuel economy, with new technologies such as dynamic fuel management and higher-speed transmissions.” (Seems so counterproductive and expensive to design new engines and transmissions to just compensate for the new frontend design… craziness)
  14. 2019 Silverado gets worse MPG than the 2018 model. WTF hahahaha! https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2019-chevy-silverado-1500-fuel-economy/
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