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  1. Kind of looks like a blower motor resistor.Is there voltage on the red wire?Try turning on the blower motor and check the voltage then.I would think the blower motor resister would be inside the cab though... Maybe the remnants of a trailer brake controller?..dunno..
  2. You didn't use a temp sensor meant for the aux. fan in the engine temp hole ,did you?
  3. Did you replace the sensor in the driver's side cyl. head?,that's the one the gauge reads,the computer reads the one by the thermostat.The aux. cooling fan uses the one in the pass. side head.
  4. Don't think so,the computer controls the EGR valve and will need the signals from it.
  5. I tried this years ago.....won't work.I discovered the difference when I sat the new intake next to the engine.I looked all over the 'net for some kind of adapter and came up empty.I eventually returned the new 3764 with much disappointment.Because these 454s with that linear EGR valve got passed over when it came to performance options,no doubt because they were a two year model only.Bummer
  6. In '94 GM went to a linear(electric)EGR valve(at least on their 454s) with several accompanying wires so I don't think the '93 will work.
  7. Don't thnk so.I had to raise mine several inches and then barely got it out.You might have to rotate the crank so the pan will clear the 1/2 connecting rod journal.
  8. Do you drive on gravel roads? Could be a small rock caught between a rotor & backing plate....it's happened to me.
  9. Do yourself a favor and join alldatadiy.com,pay the small fee and find all the info you're looking for.I've been a member there for years and it has solved many problems for my vehicles.
  10. So....? How is it? My money is on the Ignition control module being the culprit.
  11. Swap an adjoining relay and see if that helps.
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