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  1. My 2020 Crew Cab 4x4 6.6 gas, all american z71 has a payload of 3561.
  2. I got a Rugged Liner tri-fold. Works great and price was $790.
  3. We just got a new TT and when the dealer hooked the trailer up it all worked fine. The light test worker. Made the trip home and unhooked the trailer. Hooked it up today and tried the light test and says no trailer. Not getting power to the backup camera either. The plug seems real loose and does not click or lock in. What am I doing wrong? Tried to find a search on the issue but could not find the search button.
  4. We had a 2002 Suburban and the brake lines all rusted and the frame was pretty bad.
  5. The owners manual talks about the 6.2 but not the 6.6 as far as i can see.
  6. Question, does the 6.6 need premium fuel? The 6.2 needed that. Thanks,
  7. Part is fueled by the camper craze. Everyone buying bogger campers and needing bigger trucks. We lucked out and got a LT with the all-american package. Dealer her has a few left but told me if I wanted a 21 then it would be November.
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